Autumn Smile

Golden kitty cat

My smile for this week is very soft and cuddly. Yep, we have a special little kitty houseguest named Autumn, and she is a sweetheart. Only about a year old, she is smaller than our resident cats, and light as a feather, but she doesn’t let the older cats push her around. They are all getting along pretty well and it’s nice to have a baby in the house.

All three furbabies have golden eyes.


Image is mine.

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25 responses to “Autumn Smile

  1. Aww she is really cute🐈💖

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  2. Cute kitty, Autumn 🙂 “House guest” – is she going to be visiting for long?

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  3. How long will she be staying Paula? She’s gorgeous.

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  4. Such a cute furbaby 😍

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  5. Awww Super sweet and cute little kitty! ❤

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  6. She’s beautiful and looks so soft. It’s good that Tiger & Gatsby are being nice. Sophie & Diesel still hiss at each other🙄
    Kitty pics always make me smile😻

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  7. She is a lovely cat. Beautiful eyes too You may find it hard for her to go back to her regular home.

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  9. Such a pretty girl!

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  10. Are you a foster fur mom?

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