Last night I returned to the mall…


Things are getting back to “normal” in Orange County, California. This week we achieved the yellow tier in the Cootie War. I’ve never been a zealot in following directions, but I did take the mask-wearing and hand-washing seriously. I’ve also been fully vaccinated.

Normal, of course, means traffic everywhere and it’s been increasing. The pic is old, but the cars are back jamming up the roads same as before.

Anyway, I lost interest in wandering malls years ago, before the Cootie War, since it’s so much more convenient to shop online. But yesterday I had an appointment scheduled at the Apple store, so off I went. After finishing my biz there, I thought, hmm, why not look around?

I have to confess that it was entirely enjoyable! I didn’t buy anything, but it was great to see stuff in person. I looked at baby clothes for the grands, checking out fabrics and colors and prices. There was an art gallery I had completely forgotten about, and it made me so happy just to absorb all the beautiful vibes. There was also art from kids displayed throughout the mall. I checked out the cool items in an upscale home decorating store… not to buy, just to ogle. I thought about getting something from Starbucks… maybe next time.

But the main takeaway is that my mall walk was simply unstructured time, free of pressure and purpose. I didn’t need anything nor did I really want anything. I was just chilling. I let the sense perceptions swirl around my mind without the need to make a decision, to click something, to feel productive.

Everyone was masked and I felt perfectly safe. I don’t want to be afraid to interact with peeps. It’s great to feel like I’m part of society again instead of hiding away in my home. I liked chatting with the Apple guy, and it was fun to see families out and about.

I’m going to do it again soon.

Here’s a tune that goes with my outlook and also fits Jim’s “away” theme for this week’s Thursday Inspiration.


Image is mine.

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11 responses to “Last night I returned to the mall…

  1. I’m tired of bein’ in love and bein’ all alone.
    When you’re so far away from me.

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  2. So normal does exist!

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  3. Good to hear this Paula. After more than a year of isolation, we are ready to mingle again.

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  4. San Diego County is still in Orange Tier. It’s okay with me if things stay restrictive a little longer. It’s weird to be around people… even masked people, and I think it will be for a while. I don’t mind if strangers stay six feet away for a while longer😉

    I’m glad you enjoyed your wander around the mall.🥳 I haven’t ventured to the mall since before Kootie. The noise bouncing around inside was too much then. 🙉 Maybe an outdoor mall would be better for me😉

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  5. Glad you enjoyed your outing. And you picked a great song!

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