Magic sparkle flowers

Treasure beckons in a gorgeous dream,
Sparkling under an azure sky;
The moon is lit with magic.
Violet blossoms weep
With joy at my news:
A love story
Starring me
And you.
Alarm rings,
Breaking the spell
Of wishful thinking.
Back to the rain and gray
Reality I travel.
But on this ordinary train,
A man with violet eyes says hi.


Image from Lovethispic.
Poetry form: nonet/reverse nonet.

©️2021 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted. Please check out Paula’s books for sale on Amazon. Thank you.

27 responses to “Magic

  1. It’s so easy to fall in love. Buddy Holly and Linda Ronstadt know all about it.

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  2. Lovely double nonet, Paula, and with a magical ending. Thank you so much for joining in.

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  3. I had to google to find out what a nonet is, but nonet/reverse nonet is all kinds of fancy!

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  4. Beautiful! Ooohhh…that man with violet eyes!

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  5. Beautiful, dream like poem

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  6. Cool style, and a very cool poem! 🤩💕
    I’ve never seen violet eyes🤔

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  7. With the imagery and the poem you brought such beautiful words to life. Omg loved it

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  8. Oh, so nice! A little emotional roller coaster, with the happy possibilities at the end.🌷

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  9. Oh what a magical story, Paula! I like that promise of a happy ending too :>)

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  10. The gorgeous treasure = those violet eyes 😍

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  12. This is the best thing I’ve read all day! How very refreshing and optimistic! Loved how the whole format of the poem looked at the end. I “felt” the magic in your words…
    “Violet eyes” how very easy to visualise!

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  13. I literally “felt” the disappointment when the alarm rang
    Just like I could feel the magic in your words. This poem is so refreshing and optimistic. Love these vibes!

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