Head Over Heels

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“Head Over Heels” is a fun song by Bobby Lewis, the star of today’s Thursday Inspiration. Later on, the Go-Gos also recorded one of their signature peppy songs with the same title. But you know what? Jim Adams’ post reminded me of Christine Baranski, one of my favorite actresses. How so?

In the TV show Cybill, starring Cybill Shepherd, CB played Cybill’s drunk friend Maryann. I don’t remember much about the show, except for one scene where Cybill was talking to Maryann on the phone regarding one of their man-crushes. Cybill said something about falling head over heels, and Maryann replied, “At our age, the best we can hope for is heels over head.”

That struck me as particularly hilarious wordplay and I think about it to this day. Christine reprised her wealthy drunk friend shtick in Mamma Mia, when she showed up on the island for Sophie’s wedding. CB’s Tanya was gorgeous, glamorous, and flirtatious, perfectly offsetting Meryl Streep as the sensible mom in overalls. Christine really knows how to deliver a funny line. She also does a great sexy solo video in MM.

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9 responses to “Head Over Heels

  1. This is such a feel good song, thanks for sharing it Paula.

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  2. I gotta watch that again… and I still haven’t seen the 2nd one🤦🏼‍♀️

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  3. She’s fabulous!

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  4. She is the one who made “The Birdcage” for me. The movie was reasonably entertaining, but I absolutely could not buy Robin Williams as gay. He looked like a guy ACTING gay. But then he got into a room with Baranski, and it was clear that she was all his for the asking and EVEN AFTER A SAMPLE ONCE BACK WHEN THEY WERE KIDS — he turned her down AGAIN!

    Yup. Gay.

    Damn, she was hot — always was, still is, even when she was playing that cold-blooded block of ice Dr. Beverly Hofstadter, ol’ whatzisname’s mother in The Big Bang Theory. No wonder he had mommy issues.

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  5. Christine Baranski was the best reason to watch CSS. And “Mamna Mia”.

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