Fads, Egads!

Beanie baby bear

Frank is back with some great Truthful Tuesday questions today.

  • What pop culture phenomenon have you bought into?

Many… and you know what? I’m OK with that. I see people all over social media acting like they’re above it all. They never bought a beanie baby or nommed up Kraft Dinner, never wore tie-dye or animal print, wouldn’t dream of watching Game of Thrones or reading shapeshifter erotica, etc. Good for them. But I’m an average person and I like all this stuff!

Let’s take beanies, for example. I thought they were adorable and began buying some for my kids in the mid-1990s. We had so much fun looking for the HTF (hard to find) ones. My first foray online was to join a BB group and begin trading with others.

  • Were you hooked right away, or did it grow on you over time?

I’d say it took a little time for me to become a nut who would stand in line for 4 hours to get a new Peace bear (pictured is America bear, which is on my desk at work).

  • Did you initially get into it because it seemed interesting to you, or did someone recommend it?

I initially bought them simply because they were cute, but then I realized I could take fun pics of them with my kids for scrapbook pages (another fad/obsession of mine). Then came the mania to get extra HTFs for trading purposes. After a while, I lost interest because the kids were older, we had less room in our new place, and I wasn’t so into scrapbooking after all our pics became digital.

  • Was it just a passing fancy, or are you still a fan?

I donated almost all of them to charity, but I still have a few. I don’t buy new ones though except as gifts for my grands. The issue for me with fads is space ~ I’d probably collect things if I had a big house. I used to buy fancy paperweights and crystal animals. I had scads of books, puzzles, art supplies, etc. But I don’t have room for that now, so I stick to electronic writing and reading.

There’s nothing wrong with being an average person who enjoys mainstream things. It’s kind of amusing when people on Facebook and Twitter act like they are superior to common interests. I also find it interesting to know what captures people’s attention. Right now, it’s cyber currency mania. Why? I’m curious. Yes, there’s the hope of making money, but it seems like there’s more to it. In any case, it’s cool and trendy, but I have not jumped in… yet.


Image is mine.

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19 responses to “Fads, Egads!

  1. Thank you for this! I feel like there is this tendency to look down on people who like popular things (what are fads if not something that a lot of people like for a period of time?) and on people who like to acquire the things that they like. My reaction is more, what’s the harm? It’s ok to like things and buy them.

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  2. I was never much of a collector, so I tended to do the tie dye kind of thing rather than the beanie babies.

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  3. I never got into any of the fads. I’d go bonkers over my own stuff, like I had hundreds of gel pens at one point. My mom got into the Beanie Baby thing.
    Daughter was big into Power Rangers and Pokémon when it first came out. I bought a LOT of Pokémon cards🤦🏼‍♀️ Bet those would be worth some cash now. Or not😆

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  4. Sons a collector of anything. We went through a stage of collecting coke cans once.

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  5. I had lots of books, but I moved several times in the last four years and each time, I got rid of more books, telling myself that I could always buy the Kindle version if I ever wanted to read any of them a second or third or fourth time. I kind of miss them, but I have indeed bought Kindle versions of quite a few of them. But it’s really not the same, no matter what people tell you.
    I had four cars at once, at a certain point in my senior high school year. That’s just insanity.

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  6. When 80’s style leggings came back I immediately jumped on that. Now I’m waiting for 90’s baggy cargo pants to return. Both styles were infinitely more comfortable than jeans.

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  7. I remember and loved cabbage patch kids and beanie babies but couldn’t afford them. A friend made two dolls that sort of were cabbage patchy for my kids. Oh well! 🙃🙂

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  8. I wonder if the desire to create a collection is something that is age-related? When I was younger I collected geodes, kind of a trendy thing where we lived at the time. Years passed, then one day I looked at them, gave them all to Goodwill, and never wanted to collect anything again. Like I’d outgrown the idea of collecting…

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