Cloudy Beach Smile

Cloudy beach bird

Saturday morning was super overcast and gloomy, but I went with a couple friends for a short beach walk anyway. I wore a warm jacket and made sure to keep my ears covered.

I loved seeing the ocean swirling in silver and gray… it felt more poetic and powerful that way than when it serenely undulates under clear blue skies. The birds were thrilled because there was an abundance of tiny crabs for their breakfast. I was particularly pleased to get a nice clear pic of a bird in flight.

I hope we all have a healthy and productive week.

PS: Trent shares pics of his new shelter kitty for his smile this week ~ say hello to Alexander!


Image is mine.

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17 responses to “Cloudy Beach Smile

  1. Wowww! It was beautiful.

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  2. Beach walks are always great, and sometimes the more stormy weather makes for better walks.

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  3. Lovely picture.

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  4. I like the word undulate. And I agree, the sea has a special quality to it on days like that.

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  5. Seagulls!!😍😍😍 They’re still not visiting me. I need to go visit them, I guess.
    Make that looong 17 mile drive🙄😆💕

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  6. Great picture! And I agree re oceans in bad weather. Love your description!

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  8. Perfect light, though, for that fabulous photo, Paula.

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