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To my left is a box with a new overhead dining room light inside. We decided to upgrade this fixture after we bought our condo last month, mostly because I’ve always hated the light that came with the place, but I tolerated it while we were renting. The light that’s up now is so weird and flimsy and doesn’t go with the rest of our place at all. It’s like a paper flower ~ and in fact I burnt a hole in it while changing out the bulbs last year. Yep, if a bulb touches it, it burns. How crazy is that? Everything else here is nice and modern, so this light has always bugged me.

The problem now is to find a handyman to install it. We have a couple other tasks for him (or her/them/whatever) too. I can’t get my toilet to quit running randomly and we need some minor fixes on the fireplace. We never use the fireplace, but we want it to be right. Anyway, I called the handyman guy recommended to me by our broker, but he hasn’t called back. Maybe my job is too little? I went on Yelp last night to search for another one, but it was too overwhelming. It seems most handymen are actually contractors and do big remodeling type jobs? IDK.

This is more stream of consciousness than my usual SOCS post. I don’t normally write SOC because I don’t like to read it. I enjoy edited, cohesive stuff. But I’m still breaking the rules, since I just went back to the previous sentence and switched like to enjoy because I use like too often. There are many words I’m trying not to use so frequently, such as weird. I think I’ve used it only once in this blobbery. I also use just too much. I’m not a huge fan of putting words in quotes when I’m talking about them, unless the sentence is horribly unclear without the quotes. I feel they break the flow of thought. In any case, I’m also not a fan of rules, which is why I skip many prompts altogether. There is also the issue of 24 hours in a day, my real job, sleep, etc.

PLMK if you have contact info for a good handyman in Orange County, CA. Thanks!


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  1. Blobbery is a word that should be used more often.

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  2. A blogger I know got some feedback on their manuscript. Contained an analysis of a word count, pointed her to some very overused words. I had a look and found a macro for Word someplace that we can use ourselves. But yeah, there are various words: like, said, did etc. where you just know you can do better.
    Good luck with the handyman, we have found that finding a plumber is like finding rocking-horse crap.

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  3. I use the same words too often also. I like making up new words, and blobbery is a good one!🌠

    Does the condo have a HOA? They might have some recommendations. Wasn’t “Angie’s List” the place to find worker peoples? Is that even still a thing?
    Good luck!🍀

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  4. That’s funny, about the word weird. In the technical world, such as the one in which I worked, for the phone company, when technicians of any sort run across something they don’t understand, they always say, that’s weird.

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  5. Did you and roomie buy a condo together? Congratulations!

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