TMP6: “Glitches”

TMP the monday peeve

Welcome to my refreshed Monday Peeve! Unburden yourself of an annoyance and you’ll feel better afterward. Or not. Complain in my comments or crab in your own post. Doesn’t have to be on a Monday. You do you.

Today my peeve is “glitches” that aren’t. What do I mean? I’m talking about annoying design bugs that make things inconvenient for the user but keep us on a site longer, so we (presumably) will view more ads. On Facebook, it’s the auto-refresh. You follow a link from a post to read an referenced article, and when you return… poof! Your feed has refreshed itself and you can’t find the original post. It’s maddening. Here on WP, there are several “features” that make our experience less user-friendly, as my fellow bloggers have documented repeatedly. One is the idiotic pop-up menu of likes on a post. I dgaf who else has liked a post when I want to like it! But this insidious feature has a purpose imo, and that is to create inadvertent clicks to other sites. So many times lately I have ended up on another site when I go to leave a like, all due to that stupid pop-up menu. I believe that is intentional, as it gives more sites more views (and the ads too), and basically keeps us here a few more seconds as we navigate back to where we were. It has zero benefit to any user.



Image is mine, altered from the original on Pixabay.

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21 responses to “TMP6: “Glitches”

  1. Literally, they are making a science out of irritating people. This is the equivalent of going on vacation to a resort where they spray cold water on you at random intervals and make you eat gruel when a bell rings.

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  2. You mention a “pop-up menu of likes on a post” — but I never get that sort of pop-up menu. Perhaps that is something you can turn on or off in your settings??

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  3. My issue with that particular “feature” is that it seems designed to make people feel bad about themselves because they can see exactly who’s liked someone else’s posts but not theirs. And there’s nothing good about it, so make it go away!

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  4. I loathe that stupid pop-up menu and do inadvertently click some unknown blogger’s link because of it. I don’t stay on that site long, I certainly don’t stay long enough to view any ads, but maybe it’s the fact that someone clicked on the effin’ link that counts? WordPress stepped on their dick with that pop-up (IMHO) and with the whole juvenile “like” button anyway. My dissatisfaction has been documented with them and now here. Thanks, Paula for giving some space to air the issue!

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  6. I personally don’t mind the “pop up likes”, it shows other’s hard work and maybe something different that I might find interesting. And shouldn’t we all be supporting each other as writer’s and artists?

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  9. I didn’t even notice the pop-up on likes before. You know the first thing I thought? That must be how the creeps hit on the women with pretty profile pictures – they just mine the likes… Thanks WordPress.

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  10. It would be nice if they’d fix the actual problems rather than creating features we all hate!😡

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  11. I should probably keep quiet, but I’ve not experienced this likes pop up. 🤫

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  12. Oh, the Facebook thing! Arrrgh! Soooo annoying! My solution is to use Facebook in a browser, open notifications and pick unreads off from there. When I’m done with that and go back to main feed, oh, hey, some posts I didn’t see before! Sweet!

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