A2Z Reflections and Scavenger Hunt Results

Blue sunrise reflection water

My first reflection is a “pre-flection” ~ that is I’m writing it on Day 1. Yet again, the sign-up sheet didn’t work for me and I am not on the master list. I guess this means I won’t get scads of new visitors reading my 007 posts. Boo! This has happened for a few years of A-Z now and others report the same problem. We sign up, our name appears, and then it vanishes. When we realize this and go to do it again, the process is goofed up (a wrong website appears for our name that can’t be changed), and we have to abandon it. I’m still going to peruse the master list however and visit some new blogs randomly as I have time.


As I visit blogs from the links on the master list, I have some thoughts. First, it’s fun to see how bloggers use their imagination to come up with such a wide variety of topics. Second, I’m annoyed to see broken links, private sites, and bloggers who aren’t even doing the challenge but have put their names on just to get clicks. Why is this allowed? It’s especially irksome because for some reason my name is missing, as I said. I still don’t understand why. Third, a really weird thing happened when I clicked a name in the middle of the list ~ it redirected to my blog, but it wasn’t my name! This happened at least twice more with other people’s names.


I’m really pleased I chose Bond as my topic, since it’s so much fun to look up stuff and write the posts, and people seem to be enjoying them. I contrast this to previous years when I didn’t really enjoy my own topic, or at least writing about it every day. Games, romcoms, etc. Next year, I’m thinking to do cats. I love them, both large and small, and am constantly reading about them anyway. My favorite post on my own blog for 2021 A-Z is about Roger Moore.


I’m nearing the end ~ just wrote my “Y” post and will do “Z” tonight probably (it’s only April 20). I really want to see the Bond films I’ve missed now and also rewatch the others. This was super fun! Thanks to John Holton and Co. for keeping April A2Z going every year.


The Scavenger Hunt was a fab idea…

A for Apple found at The Bag Lady.

B for Bear found at Less Beaten Paths.

C for Cobweb found at Galeria Redelius.

D for Dragon found at C.E. Flores.

E for Evil found at Salted Caramel.

F for Flowers found at Poolside Musings.

G for Game found at A to Z.

H for Hat found at Words on a Page.

I for Island found at Martha Reynolds.

J for Jewelry found at Galleria Redelius.

K for Key found at Seaside Simplicity.

L for Leaves found at J Lenni Dorner.

M for Men found at Lynnette Forest.

N for Nuts found at Frilly Freudian Slip (close match with nutmeg).

O for Orange found at Astrid’s Multitude of Musings.

P for Pen found at Olga Godim (pentagram).

Q for Questions found at Teleporting Weena.

R for Rainbow found at J Lenni Dorner.

S for Scissors not found.

T for Tiger found at Story Crossroads.

U for Uniform found at Fiction Can Be Fun.

V for Velvet found at Tracking Down the Family.

W for Whale found at… does Wales count? LOL

X for X-ray found at Life After 50 (Sadje).

Y for Yellow found at Fandango’s.

Z for Zipper found at Weekends in Maine.


Image source unknown (possibly Sue Vincent).

©️2021 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted. Please check out Paula’s books for sale on Amazon. Thank you.

15 responses to “A2Z Reflections and Scavenger Hunt Results

  1. I didnt participate in A to Z but I do think its weird that you couldnt sign up and I also think bloggers who sign up but don’t participate should be removed!

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  2. That’s quite the commitment to do the A to Z. I’m impressed!

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  3. I enjoyed your A to Z. As my husband is a big Bond fan and I’ve probably seen more st of the movies, it was fun to read all the details. Thanks for the mention.

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  4. Thanks for this!  And the mention.  I checked out most of these posts,  very enjoyable!👌🏻

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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  5. I enjoyed your Bond posts a lot! And now I know what you were talking about with the Scavenger Hunt game. I hadn’t known about it. Glad my Q letter helped out.
    Thanks for the mention/link! 🙂

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  6. What a great job on the scavenger hunt! Weekends In Maine

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  7. I’m not the greatest Bond fan, but your posts were really interesting and made me think that maybe I’m missing something! Great work Paula.

    Liked by 1 person

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