Just Desserts

A friend gave me one of these gorgeous treats for my birthday, so naturally I need to describe it here. First, Just Desserts is a great name! Second, my readers may remember that I often don’t care for chocolate cake. Why put perfectly good choccy in a cake when you could make tasty candy out of it, right? Well, there are exceptions and this was one. The cake was moist and delicious, with a luscious texture. (So many choc cakes are dry.) Third, what about caramel frosting with chocolate cake? I was a bit wary of the frosting, since it practically slid off the cake when I cut it (my housemate and I both tried and judged this concoction, agreeing on every point). But it was wonderful, rich and creamy, truly bursting with flavor. It was actually a cream cheese flavor and a great complement to the cake. This may have been the first time I tried cream cheese caramel. I give Just Desserts top marks for this excellent cucpake!

What typo?


Image from Just Desserts.

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7 responses to “Just Desserts

  1. Too funny… my eyeballs couldn’t find it at first and I almost always see them. I’m not a big cake fan usually either, same reasons. Caramel cream cheese sounds interesting…🤔

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  2. Yum yum yum cucpake!

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  3. Oh my word. Now I want cucpakes too 🙂

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  4. This looks marvelous!

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