Maybe It’s Maybelline

Eyes in the sky

One of the things I’ve stopped doing in the past few years is wearing makeup. Not that I ever wore a ton of it… only foundation, eye liner, mascara, and lip gloss. I still have it all, but my Maybelline mascara is so old I should probably throw it away. The last time I wore eye makeup was Halloween 2019 and it really bothered me. I find that the longer I go not putting gunk on my eyes, the worse it feels when I try again ~ my eyes tear up and get so itchy. I realized then that there was no reason I needed to wear it. None. My face is my face and I’m okay with that. Even if I’m wearing a costume…

I’m not condemning anyone who enjoys makeup! It was fun back in the day to try different colors of eye shadow and lipstick. And I still like to use nail polish. I may even end up coloring my hair again… who knows?! Nope, I’m just specifically saying that eye makeup irritates my eyes now, and I am not inclined to spend a bunch of money finding fancy kinds that don’t because… who cares? I’d rather spend money on acrylic paint and create more masterpieces.

In fact, I may paint again this weekend. You have been warned!


Image from Lovethispic.

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29 responses to “Maybe It’s Maybelline

  1. No make-up here either. I would rather spend money on anything else.

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  2. I too haven’t worn mascara or eyeshadow in more than a year

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  3. Haven’t worn makeup since I was last in a pantomime about 25 years ago 🤣. To each their own….for me less is more.

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  4. If your mascara is two years old, it’s no wonder that your eyes itch when you try it again. It should be pitched every 90 days like clockwork. Most other things have a shelf life of 12-18 months.

    No condemnation here for those who do or don’t wear makeup; it’s a matter of personal preference. Just be advised that old mascara puts you at risk for an eye infection because bacteria from the air pushed into it (also, this is why you don’t “pump” your mascara brush; you should roll it) can multiply.

    /former makeup artistry nerdery

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  5. I’m with you. I am sans makeup these days. I quit mascara when I had to wear glasses full time. Hats off to anyone who wants to as long as they really want to and don’t feel compelled to by someone else’s standard. I still know a few who won’t leave their homes without being fully made up yet they also complain about it.

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  6. With the pandemic and staying home, I haven’t applied mascara in over a year. I used a tinted moisturizer and a little concealer here and there when I go out, but nothing much if I’m at home. I found over the counter mascara bothered me when I was in my 20’s and have had to purchase the more expensive, natural mascara ever since. It’s part of the reason I don’t miss not using it now. My eyes have loved me for it.

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  7. Someone said they have stopped buying lipstick becauseit is not necessary with wearing the mask while going out !

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  8. I only wear a bit when going out. Allergies are terrible this year.

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  9. I stopped wearing makeup a few years ago because depression made me not care. I never wore foundation and rarely wore lipstick, but I liked playing with eye makeup.

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  10. As long as you share your acrylic ‘output’, that’s a grand idea! I stopped being able to wear eye makeup (well I suppose I could wear eyeshadow, but wouldn’t that look odd by itself?) a long time back. Even before it was discovered I have glaucoma courtesy (in part) to chronic dry eye symptoms. I’ve bought ‘fresh’ mascara too, just to see if I could stand it, and nope. Itchy eyes within a very short period of time. Ziggy doesn’t care if I’m made up, and it’s a PITA so I don’t bother any longer. Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.

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  11. Oh yes! Please paint! I like your pictures.
    I gave up on makeup over 10 years ago. Itchy eyes that turned into raccoon eyes🙄😂 NOT an attractive look… except on a raccoon 🦝

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  12. I think it’s about 15 years since I last wore makeup, and that was only a bit of shadow and lippy.
    I was never one for it, and dumped it all.

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  13. I used to wear it occasionally, but I don’t think I have put any make-up on at all during the Pandemic!

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  14. Makeup goes bad pretty quickly, from what I understand. The guideline is a year after you open it, you should get rid of whatever’s left. Mary stopped wearing makeup altogether a few years ago and just moisturizes with Lubriderm, and she’s gotten all kinds of compliments abut it.

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  15. Yeah, The Beneficiary has been aggravating me to cut back. In particular, she hates that thing I do with the eyeliner that stretches out into eyewings. “What are you, friggin’ 14?” she says, and I gotta admit, that objectively speaking, it ain’t like it makes me look any younger, although I like the drama-efffect. But anything for her, y’know. I’m far enough along in life that I feel like I can cut way back — a little foundation, a touch of shadow, and some brush-on to highlight cheek bones. But even SHE can’t get me away from my shiny-scarlet lip gloss even under my mask, although I’ll sometimes substitute some joke wax lips if I’m in a hurry.

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  16. I do my eyes but no mascara to avoid wear on delicate lashes. I use eyeshadow and pencil to make my eyes look awake. My aging skin could use foundation, but I’m too lazy to hunt for the right coverage/color/texture, so there I’m bare-faced.

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