Zorin, Max [April A2Z]

Max Zorin

This post wraps up my April A-Z. Every day except Sunday I’ve posted about James Bond 007, mostly focusing on the movies, not the books. I hope you enjoyed reading about this topic; I certainly enjoyed writing about it!

Today I introduce Maximillian Zorin, the fictional baddie in A View to a Kill (1985). Christopher Walken played this role, and Roger Moore portrayed James Bond. Max is a high-IQ psychopath, the unfortunate result of Nazi experimentation during WWII, and he was raised in the Soviet Union by an evil doctor. Later, he was trained by the KGB, but he is too wackadoo even for them and ends up plotting badness on his own. Max kills his own men to further his plans and is willing to sacrifice his lover May Day as well, who is played brilliantly by Grace Jones.

Zorin’s plan is to destroy Silicon Valley with a massive earthquake, causing the whole place to flood and wipe out all the computer companies, which would leave him as the microchip king of the world. He has some cockamamie idea of mining underneath the lakes and then using explosives to blast through the San Andreas Fault and the Hayward Fault simultaneously, yada. This is a familiar Bond movie trope, right? Goldfinger wants to wreck all the gold in Fort Knox so his will be more valuable; Mr. Big tries to put all the other heroin dealers out of biz so he can corner the market. Etc.

Anyway, May Day survives and joins up with 007 to thwart Max. She sacrifices her own life to move the explosives out of the strike zone, though there is still a huge blast. Now Max decides he must get Bond in revenge, taking Bond’s love interest captive. This is Stacey Sutton, played by the gorgeous Tanya Roberts, who sadly passed away in January 2021 at the age of 65. Stacey and Bond escape from Zorin, who tries to kill them with an axe, but instead he falls to his death into the San Francisco Bay.

Stacey Sutton

A bit of trivia: Max’s role was first offered to David Bowie, who declined. Rutger Hauer also said no thanks. Finally, Walken agreed to do it.


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  1. Enjoyed the month of Bond, Paula! Two thumbs up! 🙂

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  2. He was a good, bad guy. Very convincing. Wasn’t he the one playing the villain in back to future too.

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  3. A perfect way to end your series, Paula. An interesting footnote about David Bowie too!


  4. Nice Bond series Paula. I enjoyed all of your posts.

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  5. As a Californian, I enjoyed all the earthquake stuff in this movie. I remember being skeptical to Tanya Roberts, but she played her character well.
    Thanks for all the Bond stuff, Paula! You’ve done good work, presented stuff entertainingly, and have me sorry it’s over.

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  6. No one does creepy like Christopher Walken.

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  7. How convenient that the Bond series provided a “Z” for you 🙂 Walken has played so many good characters. I can see the look they were looking for by who they wanted to play it. Not sure I ever saw him as a blonde other than here.

    Wonderful series this month, Paula. Excellent choice of subject!

    “Z” Tull:

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  8. It has been really entertaining to read your Bond posts this month. Brought back some movie memories, and lots of interesting facts. Great job on the A to Z ! 🙂

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