Pierce Brosnan [April A2Z]

Pierce Brosnan

Welcome to my April A-Z! This month I will be posting about James Bond 007 every day except Sunday, mostly focusing on the movies, not the books. Enjoy!

Pierce Brosnan OBE (some foofy British title) was born in Ireland in 1953. He left school at age 16 and soon found his way into the theater. Many know him from his starring role on the television show Remington Steele (1982-1987). After that, he began acting in films… finally snagging the plum role as James Bond 007 in 1995. He was the fifth actor to portray Bond and appeared in four 007 films ~ GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough, and Die Another Day. He’s also been in other movies, such as The Thomas Crown Affair (which he also co-produced) and Mamma Mia. Personally, I loved him in Mamma Mia and highly recommend the original and sequel (which is really a prequel). Brosnan has won two Golden Globe noms, and he is also involved in charities and environmental activism.

Brosnan was lauded as Bond… until his final performance in Die Another Day. That one wasn’t so well-received, and though Brosnan said he’d like to do more 007 films, that wasn’t to be. He was 50 at the time and Sean Connery had been criticized for staying in the role until he was 58. Not a believable age for an action figure, I guess. Not that most of the crazy-dramatic Bond action scenes are realistic for anyone to survive at any age, but hey whatever. Regardless, Brosnan said he’d like to do six Bond films, same as Connery did. The producers had other ideas however and “kicked him to the kerb” in a short phone call. Oh well. He’s been in tons of other projects since and is still going strong at the ancient age of 67. Besides acting, producing, and activism, Brosnan is also a painter!

Tune in tomorrow for more A-Z Bond!


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22 responses to “Pierce Brosnan [April A2Z]

  1. Probably my favourite Bond.

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  2. He was good as Bond. But then he is a good actor.

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  3. I often said that Brosnan combined the best qualities of Connery and Moore, without the worst aspects of either of them. I thought he was lovely in the role; I can’t stand Daniel Craig.

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  4. 50 is too old?? Rude!
    It may be one of the few times a man got to see what female actors deal with.
    Thanks Paula!😍

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  5. Another fabulous post. 🥰 I think that Pierce Brosnan was fantastic in Goldeneye. His scenes with Famke Janssen (one of our Canadian acting legends) were awesome. Thank you

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  6. Next to Connery, I loved Brosnan as Bond. He’s a wonderful actor that can do serious and comedy. I’m loving these posts.

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  7. Loved Remington Steel, but not as Bond.

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  8. I liked Pierce Brosnan as Bond and I also watched him in Remington Steele. He was even really good in Mrs. Doubtfire.

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  9. After Sean, my favorite Bond! *Swoons*

    Also LOVED Remington Steele and Mamma Mia! 🙂

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  10. I adore the man, Bond or no Bond. Now I need to go check out his painting!

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  11. The “foofy title” means “Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_the_British_Empire)

    Always liked Pierce Brosnan in “Remington Steele,” and really liked him in “The Thomas Crown Affair.” I think the remake was better than the original there.

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  12. Ah, here’s where my heartache is. I loved Pierce Brosnan in “Remington Steele” and always wanted to see him as Bond. I hungered to see him as Bond. I could not believe he was passed up for Timothy Dalton! FINALLY, he got to play Bond! And I was soooo disappointed! He just wasn’t – Bond. Can’t really explain it. he did a good job as Bond, but something was missing. Still love him, but not as Bond.

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