Empty [repost]

Dying rose in the dark

These empty, faceless days
Pass in a nameless haze;
A smorgasbord of news bites
Leaves our minds eaten away.
Should we be grateful or afraid?
Tomorrow promises the same;
Isolated from routines,
We adapt to this new distance–
Please stay six feet away.
Flower children, pressed inside
Our individual pages:
We remain solitary,
Confined, safe, waiting
To be allowed to play
Once again. To hold hands,
To hug and dance!
Will it ever be the same?
I wonder what
The history books will say
About us.


Poetry form: free verse.

Image from Pixabay.

©️2021 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted. Please check out Paula’s books for sale on Amazon.

25 responses to “Empty [repost]

  1. This is what most of B us are feeling now. Great poem Paula.

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  2. Love this, especially “Flower children, pressed inside / Our individual pages:” as metaphor what what we are all going through right now. ❤

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  3. I would have never thought about the history books until you mentioned it. What will it say? How will it explain it? Will it give insight into how each country dealt with it? Trump won’t care if he goes down in history as an ass, as long as he makes history! Sorry, didn’t mean to get political!

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  4. I really hope that when this is over, the history books will say that people finally put aside the 🐃💩 and worked together (separately) to get through the worst.
    I have a feeling though that history will record that greed (and stupidity) kept things bad longer than necessary.

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  5. Oh! how I love this! Those lines “flower children, pressed inside, our individual pages” LOVE it! Made me feel so good inside!

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  6. It’ll be the same soon. Once again, we’ll be dancing, hugging, laughing… and history books will say we handled it well! Truly beautiful poem Paula!!

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  7. The history books will say ‘Hey Paula had a handle on this 🙂 Nice poem.

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  8. Thank you for such an interesting blog☺️


  9. Thank you for such an interesting post☺️

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  10. Even though we’re starting to get back to normal, I still wonder if we ever will, really. This beautiful poem speaks to my own uncertainty. Thank you for capturing it so aptly and with such sensitivity. 💕

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