Spring Reflections

City buildings lights reflect water

Spring is a time of love and sorrow for me…

March brings me reminders of my father’s death day and also the anniversary of my marriage to the ex. Happy and sad memories are triggered in both cases. There’s also the joy of my youngest daughter’s birthday.

April blossoms with the dates of Dad’s birthday, Mom’s death day, and another ex’s birthday. My own birthday falls at the end of the month, and, again, reflecting on that event conjures up a mix of feelings. A few weeks later in May is Mother’s Day, summoning joy and grief all at once.

June is another emotional tangle, containing my sweet little granddaughter’s birthday, Mom’s, the ex-hubby’s, Father’s Day, etc. That’s a lot of mental snapshots to sort through and process. There are times it’s a pleasure; other times it’s a trial.

Mom was a huge fan of Johnny Cash and passed that love onto me. He had such enormous talent that he transcended the country music genre. For a while, I kept my fondness for country on the down low, since so many fellow rock fans proclaimed a flagrant loathing of it. But I don’t care anymore and will shout that I like the sound of country comfort!

Today, Jim Adams posts about one of my favorite JC songs “Man in Black.” It feels appropriate to listen to right now because of my own memories and also because of all the sadness and injustice throughout the world. I share with you a cover of “500 Miles” (aka “The Railroader’s Lament”) by Johnny’s eldest daughter Rosanne Cash, who is successful in her own right, has had many No. 1 hits, and writes books too.

The writing credits to this song are a bit murky, but it is generally credited to Hedy West. There have been many versions, including Johnny’s. The 1963 cover by Bobby Bare was the most commercially successful.

Written for Eugi’s Weekly Prompt and Jim Adams’ Thursday Inspiration.
Image from Lovethispic.

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29 responses to “Spring Reflections

  1. What memories Paula. I think you are in for an emotional time. I love Johnny Cash too. In fact I think I’ll go and play some now!

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  2. What a lovely song Paula and I guess that we all have happy and sad memories intertwined with one another, but try to hang on to the happy ones, as it is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all. I thought that you just had a birthday turning 50, as I remember saying that now you are old enough to join our time. Country music can be so sad at times, but Rosanne Cash does a great job with this one. Thanks for joining in today.

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  3. Pretty song, but sad😥. Johnny was in a class by himself!😎

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  4. Life is full of happy and sad moments and it seems we have to deal with good and the bad. I’ve always been a rock & roll fan but there are several country songs that I love. Johnny Cash was a fave of mine along with a few others. Happy birthday a little early.

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  5. Lovely share. The anniversaries are bitter sweet, but I try to focus on the joy.

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  6. So many memories in one post Paula. I am glad you included a song for my prompt especially a country tune. My friends never understood how a hard rockin’ bloke could enjoy a bit of country and then Country Rock came along. Thanks for joining in 🙂 🙂

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  7. lots of anniversary dates! My birthday is in april too! 😀

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  8. It’s funny, I have a connection to March, too. Mum d, dad b, wedding. That sounds an unlikely coincidence although when I worked with dates in the past, these “chance” events are more likely than we’d credit. So I’ll leave it at “funny” 🙂

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  9. Yes, it can be such a sweet struggle negotiating those anniversary times in life! 🌷

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  10. I WFH with my work computer next to my home one. The home one has a screensaver based on all my stored photos, enjoying some forgotten greats, but being oddly extra emotional about seeing ones of loved ones no longer with us. This spring has been and is weirdly poignant.

    More so for you, Paula, with so many dates and people crowding this time of the year, so I offer a cyber-hug all the way from Norway. ❤️❤️

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  11. A reflection on a reflection with a reflection. Clever and well done … that is, Eugi’s challenge, your reflection, and Rosanne Cash’s song. Peace and strength to you during these challenging months.

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  13. A fellow closet country fan! Who knew? Maybe we can go to a concert or something some time now that they look like a possibility for the near future.

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