Cookie Dough Oreos

You are not hallucinating ~ Cookie Dough Oreos exist and I tried them. I almost passed out from excitement in the grocery store when I saw the package, and of course I grabbed it immediately, with my first thought being… I shall review these for my peeps!

Cookie Dough Oreos

Just look how incredibly adorable they are!

Cookie Dough Oreos

And they are absolutely delicious! The cookie is crispy and chocolately, which enhances the dough flavor. It really tastes like cookie dough, all buttery and sugary, but better cuz of being sandwiched between the nommy Oreo discs.

Look, I know I’m going to get some Oreo purists muttering about the olden days of basic Oreos. They turn up their snoots at Double Stuf… they think Golden Sandwiches are blasphemy. Heck, they probably wouldn’t even touch a cute Halloween Oreo. Well, you know what I say to these folks? GROW UP! You can’t keep everything the way it was when you were 5 years old, for Pete’s sake. Time marches on. Deal with it.

(Personally I can live without Birthday Cake Oreos. Meh.)

My daughter had the brilliant idea of putting some CD Oreos in the fridge to see if they’d taste like a roll of cookie dough. I did that experiment. They were superb!

Cookie Dough Oreos

Cold Cookie Dough Oreos on my pink Kindle Fire ~ pretty artistic, wot?

I can only hope that my Ode to Oreo post here comes to the attention of Mr. Nabisco himself and he sends me all the Oreos to review because I would do that for you guys! Yes, yes, I would.

Also, most of the time I can’t even find any of the awesome new special flavors, so it’d be great to have them FedEx’d to my door. I’m especially interested in the coconut fudge cremes and Mega Stuf.



Images are mine.

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23 responses to “OH NO… COOKIE DOUGH! [repost]

  1. I was entirely hijacked by a package of Candy Corn Oreos a couple weeks ago. You read that right: Candy Corn.





  2. Oreos from the fridge or freezer are the best!!

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  3. I’m stuck on the original, could eat the whole bag

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  4. I nearly ate the whole bag of chocolate hazelnut. i wouldn’t stand a chance with cookie dough! I wonder if they only have some flavors in different places, because I never saw this one.

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  5. I hope it gets the attention of Oreo’s advertising department at least. Free Oreo supply for a year at least

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  6. I can’t remember the last time I had an Oreo.

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  7. For years and years they used to make them with lard, which meant that I couldn’t eat them because they weren’t Kosher (not available in Israel). They changed that (hence allowing them to be imported to Israel) but some say that they’ve never tasted as good since. I don’t know… I don’t eat them.

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  8. Woww..delicious right…

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  9. The sacrifices you make for the common good! You go girl! BtW…I love the Halloween Oreos. 😎

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