The Brass Bottle [repost]

Brass Bottle

The Brass Bottle 1964 movie was the inspiration for the television show I Dream of Jeannie. That alone made me curious enough to purchase it, plus Tony Randall stars in the flick.


This movie completely and utterly sucked. I mean, it was just so terribly bad, not in a funny, cultish, terribly bad way, but boringly, stupidly, terribly bad. Tony Randall was HORRIBLE as Harold the architect. He was dull and dweeby, not in any way awkwardly smart and handome like Larry Hagman’s Major Anthony Nelson on the TV show. Nor was Randall adorably funny as he was in The Odd Couple. Sad to say, Randall was just a bore.

The genie was played by Burl Ives, an old fat guy. This changed the entire dynamic between master and genie to the point where it was two unfunny men squabbling over dumb stuff and having misunderstandings. There was zero sexual tension between master and genie, or anyone else.

Barbara Eden played Harold’s fiancée Sylvia and though she was gorgeous, natch, she was also extremely boring. So disappointing! Here are Jeannie and Tony from the TV show for comparison.

Jeannie and Tony in IDOJ

Instead of the hysterical TV show Dr. Bellows sniffing around and causing trouble for Harold and his genie, it was Sylvia’s annoying father and a couple of unfunny cops poking their beaks in. We didn’t see cute Air Force hijinks, nor was there a goofy fun friend like TV Roger Healy.

The denouement was totally unsatisfying, consisting of real estate fraud, jail time, and a do-over in the “this was all a dream” sense.

I do not recommend this movie.


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9 responses to “The Brass Bottle [repost]

  1. I just had a doofus lightbulb over my head moment. I think the only time I’ve ever seen “natch” was in Archie comics, which may or may not an accurate memory. So I just googled it, and the lightbulb-inducing moment was natch=naturally. How I missed the boat on that originally, I’m not sure, but now I know.

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  2. I always liked I Dream of Jeanie and still watch re-runs. Funny stuff. Can’t remember seeing the movie you reviewed, but sure like how you made sure we know it was dumb and boring! haha Now that was funny. 🙂

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  3. Now I’m curious how such a stinker of a movie got a 2nd chance as a TV show🤔

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  4. I hope the movie was cheap! I tend to check out imdb ratings first, and if still in doubt, plow through the reviews. I have seen a few 3-star offerings that were hidden gems for the right audience but there is no guarantee of being lucky like that every time.

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