From Russia with Love [April A2Z]

From Russia with Love

Welcome to my April A-Z! This month I will be posting about James Bond 007 every day except Sunday, mostly focusing on the movies, not the books. Enjoy!


From Russia with Love received mixed reviews, but… I don’t care. It’s a great film! Bond fans love this 1963 movie, simple as that, amirite? It’s the second 007 flick, released the year after Dr. No. In this one, Sean Connery as James Bond is sent to to Turkey, where he is to pick up the Soviet defector Tatiana Romanova who promises to give him a cryptography machine. She says she “loves” Bond, so he has to get her, no one else. Naturally, it is a trap set by SPECTRE to avenge Bond’s killing of Dr. No.

FRWL was a commercial success, as most Bond films are, and is considered a blockbuster for the time.

Lotte Lenya plays a crazy former SMERSH agent (Rosa Klebb) who is now working for SPECTRE ~ hard to tell the difference, really, but SPECTRE is headed up by (dun da dun dun!) Blofeld! Daniela Bianchi portrays Tatiana and her dialog was dubbed because of her strong accent. Rosa bonds with Tatiana and sends her off to entice Bond with the fancy spy machine. M (head of British Intelligence) is played by Bernard Lee, and of course he suspects a trap, but the procurement of the device is too great of a lure to ignore. Q gives bond a briefcase full of gadgets to help him survive the shenanigans.

Obviously, after Tatiana spends that first night with Bond, she becomes more smitten with him and less interested in fulfilling her mission with the baddies. Bond’s man in Turkey is Kerim, played by Pedro Armendáriz. Kerim helps Bond and Tatiana escape (with the machine) after they realize that a baddie has been following them. They end up on a train (romantic!) and the baddie ends up killing Kerim (sad), at which point Bond becomes more suspicious of Tatiana.

In Belgrade, Bond meets up with a supposed British agent, Nash, but he’s actually the baddie ~ Donald Grant, played by Robert Shaw ~ who killed both Kerim and Nash and assumed Nash’s identity. Grant drugs Tatiana and overpowers Bond, telling Bond he intends to kill both of them, leaving behind evidence (including film of James and Tatiana in bed together) that will ruin Bond’s rep and disgrace him in the spy community. Oh no! This seems like a done deal until Bond gets Grant to fall for one of Q’s booby traps. Oopsie.

From Russia with Love

Bond and Tatiana escape only to encounter the murderous Rosa Klebb in a hotel room who needs to get the machine back, since the plan failed. Rosa holds Bond at gunpoint, while Tatiana wrestles with her divided loyalties. WHAT DO YOU THINK SHE DECIDES?

Tune in tomorrow for more A-Z Bond!


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18 responses to “From Russia with Love [April A2Z]

  1. Colonel Rosa Klebb with that knife in her shoe always made me laugh.

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  2. My husband was recently watching this one on dvd.

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  3. In the 1980s, I was part of the film liaison crew on location for a film called “Presidio.” I promise this is on-topic; one of the stars was Sean Connery. He very kindly signed my copy of the “From Russia With Love” novel, and it is a prized possession.

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  4. I am a huge fan of the movies. The books I really did not like.

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  5. I’m imagining Bond, Rosa, and Tatiana had a menage a trois.

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  6. In some ways the very best Bond movie. For one thing, it closely adheres to the book, and this is one of those times when that works best. Robert Shaw is fantastic. The fight he and Connery get into is one of the most realistic and brutal you’ll find before the modern era. in my minimally qualified opinion, Tatiana Romanova is one of the most tantalizing of movie-Bond’s romantic interests.

    Ali Kerim Bey was the last role for acclaimed Mexican actor Pedro Armendáriz, who was in intense pain from cancer while doing this film. He did it in order to assure his family’s financial resources, and ended his life shortly after.

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  7. Had any woman EVER not chosen Bond after rolling in the sheets with him?😂
    I haven’t seen this one, and darn, I read the spoilers😆
    Q doesn’t get nearly enough credit. I bet that’ll be fixed by you😉

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