Light Paulas [repost]

Carnival mask

They’re out there somewhere…
Not a joke.
I catch glimpses of their lives
Floating through mine
Via misdirected emails:
The other Paula Lights.

One of them has DISH TV–
That might be nice,
All those channels.
I could watch anything
And everything!
Well, I do have trouble with choice;
This is known.

Another one, married,
Bought homeowners insurance;
They seem like a solid couple,
Smart financial planning.
I was like that once,
With a house and a husband,
Doing all the things
I was supposed to do.

Sad day–
One of the Paulas has a tribute page
Posted for a deceased relative.
The confirmation came to me.
(Please do not reply.)
I probably should have done
Something like that
For my parents.

One shops at Wal*Mart
And I get her alerts,
No way to unsubscribe.
She bought a granite-topped cart,
Which looks pretty cool.
I had a cart once,
In that house with the husband.
They’re convenient, at times:
Carts and husbands.

Fun! One of them just visited
Margaritaville Casino
In Bossier City (Bossier!),
The casino asked me
If I enjoyed my stay–
I’m sure I did.

These other Paula Lights
Are in the Midwest,
Where I once lived too
Among the blizzards and ‘nadoes.
For all I know,
They’re the same person,
Or maybe they’re reflections of me,
The OP,
Living my parallel life.


Poetry form: free verse.

Image from Pixabay.

©️2021 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted. Please check out Paula’s books for sale on Amazon. Thank you.

47 responses to “Light Paulas [repost]

  1. I was smiling all the way through your poem and thinking about all the other Rachel McAlpines. Or Rachel’s McAlpine?

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  2. cool. Me too.

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  3. Carbie Barbie

    Oh, this was a gem! Thank you, Paula. Loved this: They’re convenient, at times:Carts and husbands.Indeed. And sometimes they’re annoying and in the way. xxoo

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  4. The world is not overly populated by “Stan Kids.” Fortunately, I suppose. I’d get a kick out of getting their mail though.

    Someone must have had my current (new) phone number, though. And her name is Marianne. Same as my wife. That caused some confusion for a bit. Now, it provides me endless opportunities for mischief.

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  5. Hehe, oh the possibilities…


  6. ❤️ this, Paula.

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  7. Good one. I did an opening to a podcast like this a couple years ago. Don’t remember which episode. O, the wacky emails we get.

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  8. A peek into a world I will never experience (fortunately). My particular combination of names makes me unique, so I have never been mistaken for somebody else. My mother, OTOH, has many namesakes, including one in the same town, so I’m sharing this blogpost with her, the one who gave me the unique combination of names.

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  9. OMG! My mom lives in Bossier City! That’s where I met my husband. We married across the river in Shreveport. Bet you don’t know how to pronounce Bossier. 🙂

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  10. Lol I enjoyed reading this.

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  11. There’s a parallel me who’s married to an NFL football player.

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  12. As far as I know
    I’m the only Fandango
    Unless you count the Spanish Dance
    Now don’t look at me all askance

    There’s also the movie ticket site Fandango
    And the video game star, Grim Fandango
    But as far as blogging on WordPress
    I’m the only Fandango…I guess

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  13. This is a treasure. I enjoyed the heck out of it. 😍

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  14. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post, Paula!

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  15. This was fun to read. Is it as fun to have it occur though?

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  16. Cool! I’m glad you reposted this since it’s my first time seeing it. I have a common last name, but I don’t get emails.
    I guess I have a “familiar” face though, cuz people ask me if I’m so and so, or her sister often. Or they did when I wasn’t a kooties avoiding hermit.

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  17. This is very interesting Paula. You’ve turned it into a fun poem.

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  18. Apparently wordpress has decided I don’t get to comment today.


    • Maybe I can reply to myself…

      Even though my name (the one I use out in The World) would seem uncommon, I get a lot of misrouted mail. I’m on an email list of surgeons and periodically get updates on slicing and dicing — or is that the chef mail I get all the time? — anyhow, lots of Doc stuff, and lawyer junk el grande.

      For some reason a lawyer who has the same first initial as me (and maybe name, too, for all I know) somehow thought his email address was (myname) at yahoo dot com. Normally I don’t mind, but the clowns he was partnered with were involved in one corporation or another suing the bejeezus out of some other corporation which resulted in me getting meeting schedules, confidential updates, legal briefs, pleadings, and Gawd Knows what else in their mass-mailings to the other partners working the case, including, presumably, the dumbass with the yahoo account.

      I “Reply All”ed them repeatedly with increasingly vituperative terminology trying to get myself off their Confidential Partners list because if there’s anything more boring or email-clotting than volumes of lawyer-speak, I’m hard pressed to think what it might be. Nearly a year into it, the final two emails I got from them was one requesting an after-hours meeting of all the participants, which I replied to and told them I’d be there with the pizza, but someone else was gonna have to cover the beer and strippers this time, and another in which they were considering settling the case.

      At this point figured I knew the case about as well as they did, so I put in my two bits about squeezing $50 million or so out of them to walk away, along with a request that they just send me my cut in Bitcoin. Didn’t hear anymore from them. I suspect someone finally got IT to remove me from the list.

      No Bitcoin either, the bastards.

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    • Nope. Three tries, and just farting in the wind. Jayzus how do you people put up with this crap platform?


  19. Ah, well, not the first time Word Press has pissed away comments into some black hole .

    Wouldn’t have minded so much, really, if it hadn’t been hands-down the best writing I’ve ever done. We’re talking Pulitzer Prize stuff here. Just re-reading it, I wept, I laughed, I was angry, and hope stirred me. I was profoundly moved to change my life. It was the full spectrum of what writing is supposed to be all about..

    King? McMurtry? Dillard? McCarthy? ee cummings? Salinger? Chaucer? Pikers, all of ’em. If they’d read that comment, they’d have just given it up and taken up day jobs knowing they couldn’t have done that magic on their best days.

    But it’s gone now.

    (shrug) Ah, well. Maybe next time.

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    • It sucks. I stay because of the community, though Blogger had issues too. I do enjoy the ability to format posts exactly how I would like when I use the browser (not the app, which I’ve decided sucks all ass and is not worth any “convenience”). But there are so many glitches! I had a lot of trouble commenting on a post this morning too ~ it made me sign in three times. So annoying.


  20. Hah! Tell the truth, I’d nearly forgotten it by now — if I didn’t have the little “notify me” thinger checked, I’d never have noticed. Thanks for taking the time to rescue the little bit of fluff…

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