Important Question [socs]

gatsby kitty cat

Who is a good boy? It’s Mr. Gatsby, my sweet soul mate kitty. He’s the best. Ten years old and hasn’t lost much energy yet. Even though he was pretty crazy last night, I’m okay with some lost sleep, especially when he makes up for it with a burst of extra snuggles. He’s been a huge joy in my life and I hope he can stay around and be healthy for a long, long time.


Written for Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Image is mine.

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20 responses to “Important Question [socs]

  1. Bursts of snuggles are the best.

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  2. Aww, so sweet.

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  3. Aww sweet! 😻

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  4. I hope so, too. I miss my critters.

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  5. Gatsby is adorable! ❤

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  6. Mr Gatsby is quite photogenic! Warm purring cuddles make up for lots of yowling and things knocked over😻

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  7. 10 already! How time flies!

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  8. We’ve had several cats live to 20 or more, so (knock wood) you and Gatsby have a while yet…

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  9. He’s a cutie and I love his name. One of my favorite books. 😊

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