Bond, James Bond [April A2Z]

James Bond

Welcome to my April A-Z! This month I will be posting about James Bond 007 every day except Sunday, mostly focusing on the movies, not the books. Enjoy!

Ian Fleming originally envisioned his fictional James Bond character to look like the above sketch (image and info from Wikipedia). Bond was meant to be a composite of various secret agents and commandos Fleming had encountered during his time with the British Navy in WWII, including his brother. He created Bond to be an intelligence officer in MI6, the British Secret Intelligence Service, with the code of 007.

Fleming chose the name “James Bond” from an American ornithologist (bird scientist) because he saw the name on a book and thought it sounded unromantic and masculine, perfect for his character. He also thought it sounded “dull,” which was appealing because Bond was supposed to be neutral and anonymous, a plain man who would be stuck into exotic situations.

Roger Moore as James Bond on jet ski

Bond was supposed to resemble the American singer Hoagy Carmichael, and indeed this is mentioned in some of the books by other characters commenting on Bond’s appearance. Fleming also gave Bond some of his own traits, as writers are wont to do, such as his love of golf and gambling. We don’t hear much about Bond’s early life or family, which adds to his mystique.

Many fans love to hear Bond introduce himself early on with his trademark “Bond, James Bond,” during which the familiar theme music begins to play. The first time he said it was in the first 007 movie, Dr. No (1962). But he doesn’t say it in every movie! It’s supposedly missing in a few… I’ll have to rewatch them all to figure out which ones. Here he is in all his glory.

Tune in tomorrow for more A-Z Bond!


Information and images from Wikipedia and Pinterest.

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19 responses to “Bond, James Bond [April A2Z]

  1. Wonderful idea for a theme … and thanks for tidbits I didn’t know.

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  2. I think I’ll also have to watch this one again.

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  3. That is such a great catch line, “Bond, James Bond,”

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  4. I always assumed he said Bond, James Bond in every film, but it seems he didn’t! An interesting piece.

    Here’s my B!

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  5. So suave… the character from the movies is ALWAYS getting noticed. So much for plain and non-descript😂
    Maybe I should start introducing myself as “Gramma, Ben’s Gramma”…🤔

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  6. I knew a little about the origin of James Bond. Still, so much to discover in your post.
    I’m enjoying your challenge 🙂

    The Old Shelter – The Great War

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  7. Timothy Dalton came closest in appearance. He was also trying to go back to the original but people weren’t ready for that. Neither was I but now Dalton’s portrayal is one of my favorites.

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  8. My husband read the Ian Flemming books when he was a kid, and he kept all the ones he read. There they are, on my shelf, eight well worn books!

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  9. Splendid

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