A Refreshing Smile

Dolphins in blue water

My weekly smile is regarding my blog’s refresh. I learned a lot while conforming my older posts to the block editor and deleting posts that don’t make me happy. I view social media/blogging as a hobby, not a job, and I want my writing to reflect this. Not that all posts will be upbeat; I’m reposting plenty of sad poetry. But it will be poetry I like, not lines strung together simply to respond to a prompt. Note, I am not criticizing anyone who has a different view of things, nor am I fussed if you’re trying to make money via blogging. I’m speaking only about myself.

I’ve deleted the WordPress app and have been using a browser exclusively to write and edit. That’s working out much better for me. Apps in general create an aura of mindless clicking and posting (in my case), and one of my goals is to be more mindful of what I write and comment on.

I’ve also discovered that contrary to all I’ve read, we can write single-spaced poetry from our phones. If you hold the shift key while pressing return, you get a single space. You do not have to go into the code and insert “br” a zillion times while deleting the P breaks. Unless I’m writing a haiku or something very short, I do not want my poems to be double-spaced. It looks terrible (imo) and I’m fixing them all ~ the poems I want to keep anyway.

I’m also resizing all my images to “medium” and dumping duplicates. I don’t want to sound paranoid, but it seems that WP encourages multiple uploads of the same image and makes it difficult to find previous ones. Then suddenly your library is full and you have to upgrade. I’ve already cut my library in half and freed up lots of space. While I do have a paid plan to get rid of ads, I don’t want to keep upgrading it.

Also, I’m writing for adults and see no need to insert multiple images in most posts (there are some exceptions, such as when I will be talking about the various actors who played Blofeld). If people are turned off because there are lots of words in my posts and few images/emojis, then they aren’t really my kind of reader. I’ve dumped the Bitmojis for the same reason. I know I may lose some readers and am okay with that.

I had over 100 tags, many of which were other people’s, and I couldn’t even remember whose or why they were there. Some were used only once or twice. I’ve deleted those and streamlined the rest. If I respond to a prompt in the future, I’m not adding a tag just because the prompter asks. If they delete my trackback link because of that, fine. When I was hosting prompts, I never actually searched on the tag ~ I only followed the links in comments.

I’m excited about my refreshed blog. During April I will be doing the A2Z prompt and posting about James Bond. Researching the movies and trivia has been a blast, and I hope at least some of you will enjoy reading it. I also have loads of other reposts scheduled: my favorite fiction and poetry pieces and a few humorous question posts. Most question posts have been deleted. Please don’t take offense if I rarely respond to those kind of posts from now on. I may take one interesting question and write a whole essay on it, but I don’t want my pages to be full of other people’s prompts.

That’s it then. Looking forward to April first!


Image from Pexels.

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38 responses to “A Refreshing Smile

  1. It must feel so good to have done the reorganization!

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  2. What a monumental undertaking! I agree about the photos and them not being easy to get to. Also, until someone told me about image size I was filling up my quota fast. Even the letters I used last year in A2Z need to be taken out of last year. This year I resized all of them to about a third of the original.

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  3. Spring cleaning in the blog.🥳 I am sorry to see the bitmojis go. They were cute.
    I don’t like writing in the app. I’ve always written from my phone in the browser. I use a shortcut on my home screen since I use the site so often.

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  4. I like your planned changes! I may be wrong, but it seems to me that you are going back to a style you used in the past. Light Motifs Classic?

    By the way, I’m missing today’s peeve. I had to keep reminding myself it was Monday.

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    • Haha Classic! Love it. Maybe that will be my new tagline. I think it’s more like what I was doing 3 or so years ago before the prompt explosion. Except I used to post other people’s poetry then, which I’ve deleted now. Let Emily Dickinson get her own blog!

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  5. I wish I had, like you, the drive and ambition to clean up my blog, but I don’t. I’m basically lazy. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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  6. When you next poke around your media library, see if you can find the metadata associated with each image. There are several fields, including a title field. You can put text into this field, what’s more, you can search on that text in the main media library screen. I agree that WP tends to add images unnecessarily, presumably to bulk us out, but old ones are findable quite easily.

    There are several fields. WP assure me that “title” is the only one searched.

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    • Thanks. I have done this. It took ages! And yet when I try to add an image into a post, WP does weird things. Forex, it lets me search on “cat” and brings up all those images. But sometimes it brings up images from only the last 2 years for other words, like “water.” I have 10 years worth of pics! It seems to be better now that I’ve deleted hundreds of them…

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  7. A spring clean of the blog sounds a good idea.

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  8. I should delete some of my tags also.

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  9. I’ve been doing a lot of that too lately. It’s so satisfying! I’ve got way too many tags. I’ve weeded out the ones that serve no purpose, and it’s harder to decide what to axe when they are relevant but there’s just too many.

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    • Yes, it bothered me to have so many that were used only a few times years ago. What is the point? Well, to search on them. So to attract new readers, you’ll want generic terms, such as beach. Or I guess they simply could be for one’s own amusement…

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  10. That’s a lot of work. You should be proud! It sounds like the changes you are making only make sense. I never viewed the tags as necessities. Those I participate in recommend using them so others can find your posts. Does it really work? I don’t know but it helps me categorize my posts anyway. You do you! It sounds like some great changes are coming!

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  11. It looks nice and fresh! I think sometimes it feels like we lose all control over something, due to anything from genuine interference or regulation to expectations, (yours or others) and it is a relief to take it back.
    Looking forward to your new stuff!

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  12. Rock and/or Roll, kiddo.

    I’ve been thinking about reformatting my blog, which happens every couple of years and is beginning to feel overdue. But I never delete or modify my old stuff. It’s been there for over 16 years and is full of some really bad, some really good, mostly just prattling entries of marginal interest beyond what I recognize is a very limited circle.

    None have any import on the world at large, but at this point they practically make up a historical document in the narrow universe of my life. I’d no more toss them than throw out an old folder of crappy family Polaroids.

    You are right about the pictures, though. The further I go, the fewer pictures go into it. A high and growing percentage of blogs (or “micro-blogs” as Tumblr would have it) are essentially expanded Instagram or TikToc “influencer” pages. They pander to a vapid generation that have the attention span of goldfish and no capacity to grasp any concept or context that doesn’t fit onto a bumper sticker or a meme.

    I can only assume that their selfie-based blathering is how they battle the distressing fact that their actual life is too thin to cast even a fading shadow. They’re all Paris Hilton, and, as with her, if their “media” screams “LOOK AT ME!” loud enough, maybe they can garner enough “likes” from total strangers to pretend they’re reversing their slide into insignificance.

    Speaking as a prototypical ancient stick-in-the-mud who’s been left behind by a jump-cut generation of people who’d rather stick a pistol in their mouths than actually sit through reading a paragraph: (shrug) Fuck ’em.

    They can get off my lawn and I’ll keep writing for the ever-thinning crowd that’s into that sort of thing. I know I’m still making buggy whips in a Ferrari age, just like they graying dinosaurs of my youth did, and I get that. But, then, it’s what I do.

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    • Yep, and a few of us enjoy it very much! Most of the stuff I’m deleting isn’t “real” writing but silly cat photos and questions about whether I prefer coffee or tea…


  13. I always enjoy reading what you write, Paula, and I’m excited about your new direction.

    You’re one of those writers who has immense depth: You can break hearts with a poignant story about a painful memory, and then turn around and send readers into fits of laughter with your special brand of hilarity. You’ve got a gift, all right.

    Whatever you’ve come up with, every word will be worth reading. ♥️

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  14. Excellent post Paula. I have been reworking my own blog for the past few weeks also and made many decisions. Good luck in and with your new profile 🙂

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  15. Welcome back! Feels good to declutter, doesn’t it 😊

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  17. So impressed with your Spring cleaning – really ought to do mine … at some point! 😁

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  18. Site is looking great. Love your writing btw.

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