Tuesday Story 12

Welcome to my Tuesday Story prompt! I’ll post 3 unrelated photos and your job is to connect them in any order to write a story. You can do that in my comments or at your own blog and link back. Have fun!

James Bond at casino
Tea in china cup

I’m excited to read what you all come up with. 🙂



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27 responses to “Tuesday Story 12

  1. I need to get my tea ready quickly. The movie starts at noon. I don’t have a DVR so if I am late I miss the good stuff. It’s a classic today and I love those gorgeous men. The poker seen is a hoot when I think of how glamorous they make it seem.

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  2. I was never a James Bond watcher, but there does appear to be a pirate at the casino table…

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  3. Only 22 minutes to go … then I’ll be released on Bond and can finally have a cup of tea.

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  6. Hello Paula, thank you for a delightful set of photos. Here is my little story:

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  7. James knew that before the clock struck midnight he’d have to spill the tea– or they’d take the cards away from him and he’d be out of the game.

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  10. Time was running out for Bond, as he sipped his poisoned tea.

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  11. Off the top of my head…

    I’m gonna tell you a secret, “spill the tea” as the saying goes. Life isn’t gonna play fair. You will often get what might seem like a bad hand, a raw deal. The secret is to make the most of the moment you’re in. The past is gone, and the future is unknown. Find the good things of today.

    Great group of photos!💕

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  12. “Really, 007, do pay attention!” Q was his usual jovial self, “and don’t touch that button!”

    “Why, what does it do?” said Bond, pressing the button.

    “It cancels the alarm,” replied Q, “and you’ll sleep in!”

    “Interesting. What is it?” asked Bond.

    Q got out his longest pointing stick and pointed from quite a long distance away.

    “It’s a lighted dial American bedside table alarm clock,” explained Q.

    “Why is it so big?” said Bond, “it’s almost as big as the bed; you could tell its time from the moon! Am I going to the moon, Q?”

    “Not in this story, Bond; and it’ll be a different actor; sorry to break it to you, old boy.”

    Much later, Bond took up position close to Largo at the card table.

    “I’ll be dealer,” said Bond, giving Largo five cards from the shoe. He dealt himself five cards and waited for Largo to make his move. It wasn’t long before Largo pushed a million dollar chip into the middle. Bond studied his hand intently. He could sense Largo’s impatience; so he decided to study his cards instead.

    “Largo,” Bond said coolly, “Have you got Mr. Bun the Baker?”

    Largo was infuriated. “Arrrrrrrrgh!” he cried; Bond thought it was because he’d come as a pirate.

    “Look at the size of that flippin’ cup of tea!” yelled Bond. “By ‘eck, we don’t go much in for miniaturisation these days, Q. Next to the alarm clock, there’ll not be much room on the bedside table.”

    “One lump or two?” asked Q, hoping 007 was watching his figure and would decline a sweetener; the last agent’s reply had given him a hernia.

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