Tuesday Story 8

Welcome to my Tuesday Story prompt! I’ll post 3 unrelated photos and your job is to connect them in any order to write a story. You can do that in my comments or at your own blog and link back. Have fun!

Marlo Thomas That Girl
Basket of yarn
Waves crashing on rocks

I’m excited to read what you all come up with. 🙂



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12 responses to “Tuesday Story 8

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  2. Once there was a girl who moved from the country to the big city of New York. She had great expectations of a thrilling, exciting life full of adventures and travel, but this was not to be. Instead, her life was spent chasing after one unfulfilling relationship after another, one unsatisfying job after another, and all the while she lived in a series of progressively run down apartments whose rents rose steadily until she could no longer afford to go out.
    She took up knitting to dull her senses during the long, empty days and to push back the upwelling of disappointment that had become her life. But at night, when she slept, she soared from cliffs over crashing waves and out to sea until, one night, she did not return.

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  5. Hello Paula,
    Here’s my little offering:

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  6. Eleanor pannicked when questioned by the police about the size of her woolly buns, in the end all she could do was wave and say ‘shore, shore! Whatever you say copper!! It was just some harmless fun and a bit of fantasea!”

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