Thanks Jim!

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Okay, so I followed Jim’s directions and did not start a new post from the main menu (where you are given only one option of starting a new post). I clicked on admin, then posts, then the drop down menu ~ this allowed me to begin a post with the Classic Editor instead of Blockhead. I’m really happy to be writing a post “normally” on my laptop instead of with those insane blocks.

As I’ve said, the one nice feature of blocks is the ability for me to save templates for my regular prompt posts. But it certainly wasn’t worth that tiny convenience yesterday when one of my blocks got messed up, saved itself, and ruined a dozen posts that WP would not let me edit! Remember that a reusable block will update in EVERY POST, not just the current one.

What’s funny is that posting from my app gives me no problems whatsoever (except that for my longer rants and such, it’s nice to have the real keyboard on my laptop), but on the browser, they want you to mindlessly default to blocks. Why? I don’t know! Blockhead posts couldn’t be seen properly in the app anyway, nor could blocks be edited there once scheduled. I had to preview my blog in a browser window if I wanted to check my post.

Anyway, a big thanks to Jim for his help today!

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25 responses to “Thanks Jim!

  1. That’s great. I’m using the phone app so I am still able to use the classic editor.

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  2. gia f you found the classic editor – it does make a difference and cheers to Jim

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  3. I love that blockhead comment 😄

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  4. I dislike the blockhead! 🤯 I tried it once and never again. I don’t know why WP messed with something that wasn’t broken. Like Coke making new Coke 🙄

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  5. Through the ADMIN pages? Oh… But you know, if you take an old post that was published using the old editor, and you copy that post, you can turn it into a template for new posts! I save them in my drafts and when I want to write a new review or post, I copy the template and then just fill in the new content.

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  6. David beat me to the suggestion. I’ve got a basic template saved that has everything except words, actual pictures and the song, but the “gallery” is there and the YouTube is there.
    I just “copy post” on the blank, add a number and write🤷🏼‍♀️

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  7. Used to blocks now but do wish they would have it so you could combine some elements. When you choose poetry as a block it has you scrolling across the screen. So annoying. Makes me want to go back.

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  8. Yea, I am so happy that this worked for you. I am always logged in as the administrator, but I blog off a desk top. On the other challenge that I host for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie group, I have no control of the format and I am stuck in Block Editor all the time.

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  9. Yay! Glad you got the classic again. Blockhead! haha! 🙂

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  10. I don’t like blocks either. What’s the point of them…they just clunk you up!

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  11. Thanks! I did not know all this about block templates. Hadn’t used them, now am not likely to.

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