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Bitmoji in space

Melanie starts the week with a fresh set of SYW questions. I’m still in a big bad mood over WP blocks ruining a dozen or so of my posts last night. 😡

Is it necessary to trust someone you like? (friends, acquaintances or co-workers with whom you have no familial ties)

No, and I don’t trust many of them, if trust means do I think they’ll “be there” for me if I need help or whatever. Some I trust for this, but you never really know how people will behave until they do something, or don’t. Most relationships are transactional (I don’t necessarily mean money), so as soon as you can’t do something, poof! For example, there was someone I thought of as a good friend who dumped me when I didn’t want to go on a hike that would have hurt my back. Poof!

If we’re talking about trust as in do I believe they won’t steal my wallet, that’s just a bare minimum of allowing someone into my life.

Do you hold grudges? What do you do when someone really irritates you?

Yes, and I think it’s smart to do so, at least after you’ve given someone a few chances. Why would you want to forget how they are and allow them back to dump on you again? People don’t change. I don’t mean I allow thoughts of them to consume my days, but a certain amount of ill-will is important to maintain so I don’t forget. In my younger days, I would forget, let them back, and ugh disaster. This is especially true in dating type situations.

When I’m really super duper irritated with someone long-term, as opposed to a flash of annoyance, I try to get them out of my life as fast and as thoroughly as I can.

Bitmoji goodbye

What’s the most sensible thing you’ve heard someone say?

This too shall pass…

Is crying a sign of weakness or strength in adults?

It’s not a sign of anything other than a biological process. Some people cry easily, and on cue, and some don’t. I try not to let it influence me one way or another. Hell, I cry at the dumbest things, and it means nothing.

GRATITUDE SECTION  (Always Optional)

What small things were you grateful for this week?

Grateful for the ability to waste a bit of money on my new painting hobby, which I’m enjoying a lot, even though I’ll never be great at it. It’s a wonderful break from the screen, though of course I follow along on YouTube tutorials!

Midnight Raven
Midnight Raven


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28 responses to “Grumpy Share

  1. That’s a great use of colour in the raven painting!!

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  2. The painting is exceptional. I hear you about holding grudges and agree.

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  3. You’re spot on about grudges. It’s learning from experience.

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  4. Love the painting!

    I hold grudges in the sense of not forgetting, but try not to in the sense of feeding and watering and petting it every day so it keeps biting my butt day in and day out.

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  5. I’ve been having trouble with blocks myself. At the end of the block, two “add block” icons appear, and it’s a crapshoot which one to click. One makes changes to the previous block, the other adds A new block. I’ve messed up several blocks that way. They said this would be easy…

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  6. Thank you Paula for Sharing Your World. That painting is seriously GOOD! Wow. You have some mad skills and I’m glad you’ve tapped into those! It’s eerie to me how similar our personality traits are….I feel the exact same way you do about the trust and grudge things.. Great bitmoji art as well, but I never expect any less from you! Have a great week!

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  7. Midnight Raven. I like it!!

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  8. I like your raven! The blue and purple especially.
    I also like your goodbye bitmoji. I was feeling some of that yesterday, but I can’t really leave, all I can do is pull that particular hamster off his wheel😉

    Totally agree that most relationships are transactional. That’s a big reason I don’t maintain relationships IRL.

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  9. Did you try the Classic Editor tip that I told you about?

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  10. Once again–I really like your painting compositions! Re people not changing, I noticed that when you try to revive an old relationship–of any kind, really–it will almost always go exactly the same way it did last time, for good or aught.

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  11. Painting is such a fun hobby. I am really bad at it, but I like to spend spare time sketching. Pencil obeys me better than paint.

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