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Idk what the hell happened, but I had to delete my Song Lyric Sunday post just now, plus about a dozen past SLS posts. Somehow, I messed up my reusable block when I created next Sunday’s SLS post tonight and it affected many posts. WP wouldn’t let me edit today’s SLS post, remove the block, save new text… NOTHING. But next week’s scheduled post previews correctly, which makes no sense. I didn’t hate the blocks at first, but now I’m fully on the block-hate bandwagon. I also hate that everything about WP now is geared to marketing and money-making rather than writing. I wonder how long actual bloggers will stay here given what a pain in the butt blogging is. BTW, I hate blogger too.

I just paid the $48 to renew WP, lol. Figures as soon as I do, I end up in a rage at the whole site. Even more annoying, I already wrote my Monday peeve and don’t want to substitute this for it, but I need to rant now, so I can’t make this next Monday’s peeve. ARGH!

Speaking of Sunday night rants, let’s talk about Medium, which I b*tched about last week. I took the advice offered by several peeps, cancelled my subscription, and faded away. I have 47 posts there and will probably make another $5.00 (same as last month). As soon as I quit “clapping” (liking) other writers’ articles, my claps disappeared, proving that it’s just a bunch of BS, unless you’re one of the very few big fish who gobbles up a huge share of the pot. Even though a subscription is only $5/month, I don’t want to contribute that to the top writers who write about making money on Medium. Geez, what a racket. It wasn’t about making money for me though ~ it was about being read and just having my words OUT THERE in another venue. But since I didn’t perceive the place to be a community of people who CARED what I wrote, I switched to thinking okay maybe I can make some money. Nope. Bleh.

Anyway, thanks to all who responded last week ~ it was helpful. I’m just TIRED of doing things that aren’t fun and don’t generate results. I mean, I WORK a real job full-time, plus more, so I don’t need hobbies that cause me stress. That’s why I quit writing poetry on Twitter a while back and it’s why I’m not interested in writing another novel or poetry compilation to plop on KDP. As I asked last week, what is the effing point?


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25 responses to “BONUS B*TCHING #PoiMe

  1. I’m having a lot of problems also, thought it was my phone. Who knows?

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  2. WP needs to up their game if they are listening to us.

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  3. I still don’t use the block editor and I won’t ever use it. If the day ever comes when WordPress eliminates the classic editor in its iOS app or in the wp-admin site, that will be the day that I stop blogging.

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  4. I’m always so surprised when anything works correctly. I expect things to go FUBAR but how frustrating! ☹🤯

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  5. It’s funny, when I read your post last week I did get to wondering about self-publishing. Like, what’s the point?

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    • In my case, I wanted the satisfaction of knowing I completed a novel. Then a poetry collection. Though I barely made any money, I kept going with more. But it’s time to stop doing things that aren’t fun and get no results…

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      • Well, if they are at least out there, someone, one day, might be inspired. I feel that with my software. I mostly do it for me but if other people find it useful, all well and good.

        I did think of one day self-publishing a collection of my sillty oems but I don’t think the motivation will be there. And I doubt that the royalties would be!

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  6. If the block editor actually worked, it would be a good thing. But it’s buggy as hell. I think it was a couple of weeks ago that the whole reusable block system broke in the editor (although still displayed properly on my site). I managed to get it working again by turning off a couple of editor-related plugins, which I know you don’t have the option of. I don’t know why they don’t hire people to test their shit before flinging it at unsuspecting bloggers.

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  7. I have a menu bar on the left side of my screen when I am on WordPress. There is a clock icon for the Dashboard at the top and below that is a Shopping cart for plans and then there is a Stick Pin for Posts. I used to go over to Add New when I wanted to write a new post, but that would take you to the Block Editor. To get around that I go to the top choice Posts, which will show you a list of your posts, but above that list, you will see an Add New triangle pointing down selector and that will give you the option of writing your post with either the Block Editor or the Classic Editor. The only problem is that once you save your Draft or Publish your post, then you will have to use the Block Editor.

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  8. I agree about the block thing. I tried it for a few days and managed, but it was hard. Then I found out how to get back to the classic one and that’s all I use now. So much easier. 🙂

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  9. Poetry on Twitter? That sounds interesting!

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