Caramels [SOCS]


Linda gives us a “point and shoot” prompt today and I ended up with caramels from the novel Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan. I’m about 8% done and enjoying it. The protagonist’s father is describing how it was to grow up poor and steal candy.


I ate a lot of caramels in high school. They were sold in convenient packs of five for like a dollar. Sometimes I’d buy two packs. I had lunch right before Phys Ed in senior year, and it was nice to stick a pack in my pocket to have something to munch on while other people were doing sports. Obviously, I was supposed to be participating in sports too, but meh.


Caramel apples

I went through a caramel apple phase. I liked to get those round wraps at the store, cover my apple and zap. They weren’t as good as the ones from candy stores though. My daughter worked at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for a while, and they had incredibly delicious caramel apples with fancy decorations. Haven’t been back for a long time.


The sweet/salty bliss of crunchy caramel popcorn is a welcome treat. I especially love the kind that has big globs of caramel plus nuts too. Mmm…

Haven’t had any for ages. It’s a nice snack while reading a book, which is where I began this post.

Caramel popcorn


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24 responses to “Caramels [SOCS]

  1. The one present I got over Christmas was a popcorn maker. Loved it, but plain. And, all gone now. Corn is pure carb so I can’t have too much.

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  2. I used to love caramels, but haven’t had one in ages.

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  3. Huge caramel corn fan growing up. Thanks for the nice reminder. Great post. Thank you Paula🍬❤🍬🍬

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  4. That sounds good eating caramel popcorn while reading a book 🙂

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  5. Kettle popcorn is the best with a hint of caramel; yummy post!

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  6. Agree with you, caramel any which way!

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  7. How many syllables in caramel? I use both 2 and 3🤷🏼‍♀️
    I totally want some Fiddle Faddle now. I went through a phase of eating a box almost every day. 🤤💕

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  8. I love caramel popcorn – and the IDEA of Candy apple. It was just too messy and hard to eat the apple. So I never took to it. But they look and smell divine. mmmmm.

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  9. Caramel has to be one of my faves. Hard to find the popcorn these days. We used to get it in big buckets from a place in the mall. The good ole days 🙂

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  10. “Candy coated popcorn, peanuts and a prize…”

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