Love’s Return [fanfic 105]

Silhouette on mountain

And just like magic, there he was, standing on the mountain near the bridge where we had kissed that day. I ran toward him, my heart so full at his return. My faith had been justified and love won again. But the closer I came, the further he drifted, until I was alone on the bridge once more. Though it was winter, my arms were full of flowers, and I threw them down to the river, one by one. The dark water grabbed them greedily and swirled the blooms away.

I woke up crying. When will I be rid of the ghost of Billy Joe?


Written for the Daily Echo and inspired by Bobbie Gentry’s song “Ode to Billie Joe.”

©️2021 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted. Please check out Paula’s books for sale on Amazon.

23 responses to “Love’s Return [fanfic 105]

  1. Great song, and I’d been thinking of it lately, too. Nice tie in with your story. 🙂

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  2. Thanks, Paula… that brought back a few memories 😉

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  3. One of my favorite songs of all time. I swear, I sang it aloud when I drove over the Tallahatchie Bridge on my way from Memphis to Tupelo in 2017.

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  4. Now there’s a blast from the past! Very cool story too💕🌻🦋🌠

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  5. ,Ah…so was it flowers they threw off the Tallahassee bridge? And can you please pass the black eyed peas . Thanks.

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  6. I remember the song. I loved your oem. You captured the essence of the music.

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  7. This is absolutely great Paula

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  8. Such a nice tune and good memories.

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  9. I liked the sentence, “The dark water grabbed them greedily and swirled the blooms away.” Nice imagery.

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