Tuesday Story 7

Welcome to my Tuesday Story prompt! I’ll post 3 unrelated photos and your job is to connect them in any order to write a story. You can do that in my comments or at your own blog and link back. Have fun!

White ducks on grass
Man with laptop

I’m excited to read what you all come up with. 🙂



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14 responses to “Tuesday Story 7

  1. Philips, thought, geese ~ hmm let me think ❤

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  3. I was sitting and staring at my laptop unable to come up with something for Paula’s prompt when my wife texted me. It read, “Honey, I’m in the car in the driveway. Can you duck out from whatever you’re doing for a minute? And brink that little screwdriver, please.”

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  5. “It’s a ‘quacking’ noise,” I said. “Coming from somewhere inside the car.” The mechanic raised his eyebrows and stopped just short of rolling his eyes. He rubbed his dirty hands on the sides of his overalls in what looked like a habitual gesture.
    “Look,” he said, as if reciting a rehearsed statement. He smiled. “It’s like what they always say–the car never squeaks when the mechanic drives it. I dun’no what to tell ya’. I never heard no ‘quacking noise.’ Plus I checked the car out on the computer, and it’s not reporting any errors or alarms.” He held his hand out, dangling my car keys.
    “Take it home, maybe it’ll come back, or–better yet–get worse, and bring it back in.”
    The second I backed the car out of the shop, the quacking started up again. I peered through my windshield into the darkness of the garage but the mechanic had disappeared. I drove home, neither happy nor amused. I parked out front and went into the house and straight to my laptop. I googled “2011 Toyota Camry quacking noise in dash.” 7,842,903 hits.
    All I had was this little screw driver from the kitchen drawer, but it didn’t matter. As I began to take the glove box door off, just as the Toyota forum had advised me, I saw, there, right on the lawn beside the driveway, Penn and Teller–that’s what we named them. Penn quacked once, furtively, as if to announce the conclusion of their magic disappearing act, having reappeared. They both jumped happily into the box my kids brought out and we took them inside into their new home.

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  6. “Duck? Why did you get duck for dinner? You know I hate duck. I can’t look at it on the plate without seeing those defenseless white ducks” he looked at her and saw she was smiling. “Why are you smiling?” He said feeling uneasy ” Because, ” she replied, smiling a broader smile. “I knew you had a bad day at work. I heard you couldn’t come up with a catchy caption for the new McDaffy roll out. And one more thing. I tried to fix the AC and stop the noise that’s been bugging me. I used that little screwdriver and undid one screw, Just one. Well the whole bloody AC unit fell off the wall and now it’s in several pieces!” “WHAT?” ” Yup!” “Oh Jeez why did you even attempt to fix it. It’s nine million degrees out and we will be sweating like stuck pigs. ” “Sorry, but guess what? “What now?” “I didn’t get duck for dinner. I knew you would be so relieved about that, the whole AC thing would not seem like such a big deal.” He had to smile despite the fact that he was already starting to sweat.

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  7. The ducks were making so much noise I couldn’t concentrate on my studies. Instead I joined them outside to work on the thingamabong that’s malfunctioning!

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  8. Everybody wants a pair of white ducks with yellow feet. That’s all the poor man can think about, whether he’s at home with his girlfriend or at work, trying to concentrate on the job at hand, but fighting himself to stop thinking about how good his life would be if he owned a pair of white ducks with yellow feet. He just knows it will change everything. The problem is, his girlfriend knows it will change everything too, but not in the way HE thinks it will. She knows ducks are loud and messy and they stink, and she likes her white apartment and clean floors, and while we’re at it, she likes the undivided attention of her boyfriend who seems rather distracted these days.
    Then, she gets the phone call. The man has struck gold on his long search for a pair of white ducks with yellow feet. With more joy than he expressed when he asked her to be his girlfriend and she said yes, he told her that he’d found a woman who was selling her boyfriend’s pair of white ducks with yellow feet, but they have to be gone in an hour, so he’s walking home to grab the car so he can get there in good time.
    Girlfriend ended the phone call with a heavy heart. But then she had a moment of pure inspiration. Of course! She saw it in a movie once. All you need to do is tamper with the car to stop it working, and then no ducks will be coming home to roost tonight! Not if she can help it. So she gleefully reaches deep into her handbag, a special tardis of all things vital to human survival on this planet, and grasps her secret weapon…

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