What Is The EFFING Point? #PoiMe

pointless meanderings

I’m super bummed out again. I don’t know why I thought Medium would be a good place for my writing ~ not only am I never going to make money there (beyond pocket change), but there’s almost no camaraderie. There can’t be when you need to read as much as possible, react briefly, and move on… hoping others see you and add you to their following list. I’ll never get as many hits as a tech writer or someone who goes on (and on) about politics or making money or whatever the hell people can’t resist clicking. Barely anyone cares about poetry or fiction or personal essays. It makes me so annoyed I refuse to click on the “trending” articles ~ why is the Medium algorithm helping the popular writers, those who jabber on about tech and money, instead of assisting others in becoming visible? Welp, I’m thinking of canceling my membership ~ why should my $5/month help support someone writing about writing for money instead of engaging in ACTUAL WRITING? Eff that!

And it’s not just me. I see great writing there, really excellent poetry, funny rants, solid flash stories… all with minimal recognition from other readers because the site pushes articles about bitcoin, Trump, or having a colonoscopy (the first three trending stories in my feed today). It’s super discouraging. 😢

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I know we’ve talked a lot about the “hit & run” in Blogland, but the difference is that here I feel like I “know” some people and have valuable interactions with them… Sadje, Fandango, Angie, Melanie, Rory, Di, Barbara, Jim, Ashley, et al, plus the people I knew already from other venues, such as Keera, Roy, and AD. There are more in both groups, so please don’t be upset if I didn’t mention you ~ those are some of the people I saw in my latest notifs. Point is, interacting with these folks makes the “hit & run” bloggers tolerable. I understand that the majority of likes here are from bloggers who don’t know me, won’t ever care about my writing or buy one of my books, and only pay attention to me (for the nanosecond they do) in hopes I’ll follow them down a link-strewn path to some garbage video where I’ll be assaulted with ads. However! The small community of kind and fun folks who continually interact make WP a happy place to hang out.

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I have spent so much time writing online for the past 20+ years. Usenet, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, yada, and now Medium. Not to mention that I’ve written actual books! And… nothing. Minimal book sales. Scant interaction on the other sites. Why do I keep wasting my time? I just don’t even know. I really don’t. Maybe I’m just not good enough or funny enough or poetic enough. I AM NOT FISHING FOR COMPLIMENTS. Please don’t. It’s actually worse for people to keep saying they like my writing (I know you mean well, so thank you) when the evidence is in that I can’t make it as a fiction or poetry writer, not even as a small side hustle. I do earn money via business writing, but I’m not talking about that now. I’m talking about the writing I love to do. Fiction and poetry. 💖

If I’m only writing for the love of writing, then I’ll do it here on my blog exclusively where I’ve enjoyed writing and interacting all along and where there’s no money to be made in the first place, so I don’t have to obsess over the lack of it flowing my way. It’s not like I’ve neglected my blog or anything, but I’ve spent almost all my other free time the last couple months on Medium, and it’s just depressing to me now. I can’t help but see the parallels to dating. It took me many years to acknowledge that I hate dating sites, dislike meeting new men who are going to judge me as a romantic prospect, and don’t even want a relationship at all under these crummy conditions. Since I’ve quit trying, that area of my life is calm and peaceful because I’ve filled it with more family time, friends, reading, movies, and painting. Why shouldn’t I do the same with the writing venues that are causing me distress? (I’m not dumping Twitter because it’s a good source for info, but I haven’t written poetry there lately.) That includes putting out more books for Amazon Kindle, where they’ll just sit on a virtual shelf growing mold like old banana bread no one wants.

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48 responses to “What Is The EFFING Point? #PoiMe

  1. Here is better.. I have blogs in Patreon and blogger to consolidate here eventually.. working at monetizing this … Not sure what posts to monetize.. maybe very private things and some better recipes..?

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  2. I can relate! I’ve written three books with minimal sales. But two of them have some really good reviews. I guess it takes $$$ to make $$$. If I could afford to market them properly… You’ll make it, though. I have faith in you! And your writing.

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  3. It seems you are not alone re: Medium. My niece has been writing there for, I don’t know, 2 years, she has over 7000 followers but lately she hasn’t been pulling in the readers the way she used to – perhaps in this social-political-economic climate people are more interested in practical matters…I know none of that is helpful. Sorry.

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  4. Medium is a weird place. I’ve seen poets I follow on Medium have pieces published in Scribe, Illumination, and Blue Insight. Even if you don’t submit to them, following them will get more poetry and fiction turn up in your following feed. Dennett (dennetrm.medium.com) writes poetry and she’s lovely. Agnes Louis (agneslouis.medium.com) does a bit of poetry, but is just generally a lovely human being and an active commenter. Elle Rogers is a fabulous poet, but it looks like she’s been MIA for a while. From what I’ve seen others say, the current Medium algorithm that pays based on reading time has made it really hard for anyone writing poetry to make much.

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  5. $5 a month isn’t terribly expensive, but if you are not getting the satisfaction that you desire then you should quit. I am not a well liked blogger and I really don’t mind that, because I am not here to prove anything and I certainly don’t see any money coming my way, but I am OK with that because I enjoy writing and I also like the comradery that you mentioned. I invest a lot of time in my writing and if people don’t like it, that is their tough luck. I hope to spend more time reading soon but with jusjojan then Love is in the Blog and April A – Z the beginning of every year takes away a lot of that time. I will eventually get a chance to read you book.

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  6. Write because it’s who you are…a writer and writers, well, they don’t have a choice. They simply must write because it’s who they are, what they love, it’s their passion and frankly, they’re writing constantly in their heads so if they don’t have an outlet, they’d go mad. While recognition from others is nice, really every writer craves it to a degree but the most fundamental thing is writers write, period, just like artists need to create art. Look how many only became known or famous, years after they had died! What you write is your legacy, what you leave behind.
    Write what you like and if others are drawn to it and you, great, all the better but write because it’s you and write what you love.

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  7. I think self publishing is good and bad. It’s cool not to get a bazillion reject letters, but unless you’re willing to do a hard sales pitch all over the internet, I think its difficult to get a self-published book noticed.
    If Medium is stressing you out, it needs to go. Especially if you’re paying to be stressed🙄🤦🏼‍♀️🦋💐💕

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  8. Fun fact: most writers didn’t/don’t have contemporary success. It has always been that way, and this moment is even harder since there are so many people writing and so many are giving what they write away for free. But, we all have to eat. Good luck!

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  9. It would most likely be insulting for me to compare you to me, but, I know what you mean. I looked at Medium and decided I didn’t want to pay to join in. MY blog is there just waiting to be noticed by someone wanting to publish a book entitled How Not to Write a Blog. There will be a movie, possibly a BBC mini-series for which I will be paid a ton of money and, hopefully, groupies.
    Clock’s tickin’.

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  10. 🤗 that is all I am going to say.

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  11. Melissa McGhee | Reading, Writing & Mothering

    I’ve felt this way about a lot of online writing platforms. I’ve never used Medium but I’ve posted writing on places like Wattpad and see 100 reads while other people write and see 1,000 reads or even reads in the millions. I’ve never understood what I don’t do that they do. I’ve taken to self-publishing and recently started my journey.

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  12. Medium is like that, no personal interaction. That’s why with all its glitches, I like WP. As for writing, I’m reading ghosted and loving it.

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  13. When this whole block editor thing came up, I was seriously considering leaving WordPress. I created accounts on both Blogger and on Medium. I published one post on Blogger and drafted one on Medium. But to be honest, as pissed as I was with WordPress, I could bear to leave this community, to leave people like you, Paula, and some of the same bloggers you named. You guys are my friends, and feel as real to me as people I call my friends in the real world. I’m so happy that you’re staying with us.

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  14. *Hugs!*
    I just went to Medium to read your pieces and I loved Seven Silver Spoons and Trains and I Wanna Be Curated! (I love a good parody). Medium isn’t letting me read anything else w/out an account. I know you said you didn’t want people coming here just to say they like your writing, so apologies if this is not helpful. I’m only mentioning this here because I don’t have a Medium account to leave claps and comments there.
    Feel free to delete or ignore if this is not a helpful comment.

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  15. OK, confession time: I’m glad you don’t like Medium. You and another writer I follow mentioned writing there so I checked it out, and, well… I suddenly had a daily digest in my email and a pop-up asking me to sign in after I’d signed in. This became a downright glitch when I tried to look up a writer. So I marked Medium as a weird anachronism of the internet and unsubscribed to everything.

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  16. Paula! This was/is a fabulous post – it is motivational – l know l might be coming across as crass, but l don’t mean to – but l really needed to see this today for so many different reasons.

    I don’t know Medium, but if it stresses you out, dump it.

    It’s not your writing, l am not blowing pixie dust up your ass, l like your writing and always have and l have told you that … but the problems are much deeper than that with Readers in general, and data overwhelm, and the way the things are marketed , and advertised and promoted and displayed – but ultimately it does come down to the reading market and the platform market.

    Dump Medium it’s not the right platform for you as much as Scrbd wasn’t right for me.

    I am going through a similar situation at present of sorts in another format, but with regards how l carry on, and my main complaint is format and the way things are read … and that’s very much the same as your issue believe it or not.

    I said to you last week, the moment l figure it out, you’ll be one of the first to know, and l meant it. Excuse my French here, but my head’s a bit fooked up at present and l am very thankful for my immediate support team who are helping me through it … but don’t give up. This last year is very difficult.

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  17. Well not totally true. I follow you cause I like to read your blogs sometimes. Truth is i can’t figure out how people make money online unless they have an app for people to download.

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  19. “Some people are meant to fall in love with each other but not meant to be together.” Read more like that https://bit.ly/3sFK4EN

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