A Rose Is But A_Rose8491 [SOCS]

Pink rose

First thing, we come up with a cute name like beach-kitty or butterfly-candy. Nope, taken. Okay, how about miz_write? Clever, isn’t it? But no, they suggest miz_write473 or miz_write_taco or miz_write_aardvark. Wow, are there really 472 miz_writes? I try miz_wryte1 and they accept that. Now, to choose a photo and a font and a format and a tagline. I go with a library motif but soon decide it’s too boring. Then I do cupcakes, but they look childish. Besides, my main “thing” is not baking. Wouldn’t want to mislead anyone. Okay, sunsets obviously! I do my theme in sunset with complementary colors. OMG SO PRETTY! I’m very happy with this whole dealio even if it did take me three years to decide on everything. But wait! Now all my friends have moved to another site. Fine, I’ll go there too.

First thing, come up with a cute name…


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18 responses to “A Rose Is But A_Rose8491 [SOCS]

  1. Funny enough Fandango hit on a brilliant name for a blog a few days ago – The Flannel Channel and for a second I thought about starting over.

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  2. Haha! That’s cute.

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  3. That whole self conversation totally sounds like one that I would have with myself. I am sitting here giggling. 🙂

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  4. I’m smiling. Yes that’s me as well.

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  5. So relatable! Thankfully Astridetal.com was still available last year when I bought the domain and it isn’t too weird given I sometimes write about having multiple personalities. I doubt though that I could ever come up with something else if I ever decide I don’t want to be associated with my alters anymore. I’ve thought of Astrid1986, as that’s my birth year, but I don’t think that makes much more sense.

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  6. Relatable 100%! I thought really hard to come up with “My Slice of Mexico” as a metaphor for my personal experience, and creating the logo of an actual slice of watermelon in the shape of Mexico, which has the national colours. So, my brain is done with that process and I can’t imagine ever changing the name or logo of my website. Fun read!

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  7. It is strange to try and come up with a cute or relatable name, and then find someone else already has it. I know I have a whole notebook page of try-outs when trying for mine. 🙂

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  8. Oh, yes, it do be like this. Which why I’m both kafox and kafox9, depending. 😄

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