Here’s my contribution to Jez’s water photo prompt. This picture was taken in 2014 when I visited my daughters in NorCal. Such a great day. Miss my girls! 💖💖


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11 responses to “Sausalito

  1. It’s a beautiful place. California as a whole is beautiful but I love the northern part best.

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  2. Sausalito is one of my favorite places. Love the pic!

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  3. Lovely view. We NorCal folks forget to appreciate our beauty. Thanks for the reminder. 🌼

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  4. I haven’t been to NorCal in a very very long time. I want to go see the redwoods again. Maybe by summer🤞

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  5. A stunning view, fantastically captured 👏 Makes me want to head there straight away 😃

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  6. Lovely pic! Classic Californian brown and blue.

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