Opposites [flash 99]

Everyone on the street called him Stone. He was tough, ruthless, and got the job done. He didn’t seek out violence, but when it became necessary he acted quickly and efficiently. When she came along, broken and beautiful, they named her Butterfly. Stone protected her, for he remembered how it was to be fragile. Wherever she flitted, he stopped to admire her gold-dusted delicacy. But the jealous ones plotted to drive her away with lies. After she left, Stone crumbled to pieces and scattered himself in the places she’d been, his grief mingling with the ethereal traces of love.


Written for the Carrot Ranch’s Flash Fiction Challenge.

©️2021 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted. Please check out Paula’s books for sale on Amazon.

16 responses to “Opposites [flash 99]

  1. Very beautiful and touching story Paula

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  2. Oh, WOW! I really, really like this, Paula! 🌠😍💕🦋

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  3. Stone was transformed. This is a well told tale of love and loss.

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  4. Such a tender story contrasting characters as stone and butterfly. Well done!

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  6. Wonderfully poetic.
    It’s sad when other people meddle and destroy relationships.

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  7. “After she left, Stone crumbled to pieces and scattered himself in the places she’d been” Dang, but you paint well with words!

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