Acrylic Smile

Octopus garden painting
Octopus Garden

My smile for this week is about painting. I’m loving my hobby and did two new pictures over the holidays. The above was supposed to be wildflowers, but I did my purples too low and the whole thing looks like half of an octopus. The turquoise I mixed is so pretty though, isn’t it? No more spatter-paintings! That stuff gets everywhere. 🥴

Next, here’s a meadow under fluffy clouds, except I blended my sponges too much and my clouds don’t look distinctive. Sad. This one didn’t use brushes… sponges and Qtips! I’m happy with the field of flowers. 🌼🌸🌺

Fluffy fields painting
Fluffy Fields

More artsies soon. 😍

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23 responses to “Acrylic Smile

  1. Paula your artwork has such beautiful color! Love the purple in the first one and the greens in the second. Happy painting😊

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  2. Love the octopus garden. Fabulous, you talented thing you!

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  3. Love both of these! 🙂

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  4. Very nice. Glad you are having fun with it.

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  5. They’re both vibrant and lovely! And you’re having fun doing them… that’s awesome!!
    Are they difficult? How big are the canvases?
    I’ve always wanted to try painting but I can’t even draw a decent stick figure, so I’ve never attempted paint.

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    • Thanks so much. I like the medium sized canvas, about 10×12. It is a bit difficult to get the finished product to look like the trainer’s. But we are supposed to be happy with our unique pieces! So far, I’ve been doing abstract stuff that’s error-friendly, but I want to do a bird, cat, and butterflies!

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  6. They both are beautiful!

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  7. OK, you know about my dodgy eyes, right, but they look really good. I went through a period where I used to buy oeiginal art, just for my home, and I’d have bought these.

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  8. Fun to learn and discover, isn’t it! Mistakes teach. BTW, I really like the “Starfish Looking for Its Fifth Leg in a Bouquet”. 😉 And I too am pleased with your meadow!

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