Christmas Challenge 5

Christmas Challenge

Via Sandmanjazz.

I know people in actual cold places aren’t going to believe anyone could be cold in the following climate…


Well, I’m freezing. It was 48 at 8am when I went to Target and it’s 63 right now in my apartment. I don’t put the central heat on because it makes my skin so dry and my eyes so itchy. I use a space heater though, which doesn’t dry out the whole place. At work, the office building heat doesn’t seem to affect me like house heat. Idk why. Also, I don’t remember house heat in NY/NJ/IL being so drying and awful, but I was a lot younger then.

Anyway, 64 is the outside temp right now.

Bitmoji Christmas chimney


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7 responses to “Christmas Challenge 5

  1. It was 37 at my house this morning, and we don’t even use space heaters cuz they’re so dang expensive to run. Thank goodness for hoodies and warm socks! Now I just need some gloves.

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  2. I went swimming in my pool today and the water was only 88 degrees which is a bit cooler than it usually gets.

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  3. Our temps are 33 f right now! I’m cold! Freeeezing! xo

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