Christmas Challenge 2

Christmas Challenge

Sandmanjazz has shared a fun challenge! Want to join in? I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I’m still playing.

Last week at my daughter’s we watched Last Christmas, which I had wanted to see for a while. I adore Emilia Clarke (Daenerys in GOT) and also Henry Golding (Crazy Rich Asians). It also had Michelle Yeoh as the shop owner, and she was hilarious. The movie started out in an interesting way, but then became boring in the middle. However! It turned into a mystery with a fab twist. OMG. I was not expecting that at all, and the ending made the whole movie wonderful. It’s now my favorite Christmas movie! 🎄

We also watched 12 Dates of Christmas, which was cute, but predictable. Think Groundhog Day with eggnog and cookies. I enjoyed Four Christmases some years ago ~ Reese Witherspoon is always a treat. I know I’ve seen other holiday movies, but my mind is a blank right now.

Bitmoji Christmas


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4 responses to “Christmas Challenge 2

  1. I will be writing about the song Last Christmas on Christmas day for my MM Music Challenge.

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  2. “Love Actually” is a cute Christmas Movie

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  3. You should watch fred claus! Or I love elf. or miracle on 34th street!

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