Truthful Tuesday Hobbies

Painted rainbow tree
Rainbow Tree

PCGuyIV continues his weekly prompt series by asking us today: With the exception of blogging (assuming it’s a hobby and not your profession), do you have any unique hobbies or pastimes?

I did the above painting at my daughter’s house over Thanksgiving and I’m really pleased with it! I’ve painted before, but this is the first project I’m proud of. I did some at painting events over the past few years, but those are a bit rushed for me. When we do them at home, we can pause the video and take our time. Plus, I like to choose the easy designs to follow since I am not that artistic. Diane is super talented, so she can do the more difficult ones. I enjoyed this so much that she bought the supplies for me, and now I can do more by myself! 😍

The best painting videos are produced by the Art Sherpa on YouTube, in case anyone is interested. 🎨

I’ve dabbled with other creative hobbies in the past, such as designing my own crewel and needlepoint pictures, beadwork, tee shirt painting, cake decorating, etc. None of those hold much appeal for me now. Partly it’s due to my eyes getting so tired/itchy, and partly it’s due to slight arthritis in my hands. But these small painting projects work great for me! ❤️

The above beauty is one Diane did. I may try a similar project soon.

By the way, I don’t consider writing to be a hobby. First, it’s more of an obsession, like breathing; and second, I hope to make money at it. The good news is I’ve already made a whopping ten cents from my poetry on Medium. Woohoo!💰

PS: My rainbow tree painting also counts as my Weekly Smile. 🙂


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29 responses to “Truthful Tuesday Hobbies

  1. Beautiful! And now you’ve given me my weekly smile! :). Thank you!

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  2. Both of the paintings are awesome! 🙂

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  3. Your rainbow tree is beautimous!!😍🌈 I’d love to be able to paint or draw, but seriously… my stick figures suck😂
    I used to do embroidery and cross stitch… I did crochet and macrame … hands, eyes, TIME…
    Now I tape things together and Write The Words🤣🤣🤣

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  4. Hey, that’s really good.

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  5. I love your rainbow tree!

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  6. Omg you did that!! I love love love the rainbow tree painting. I love the second one too but first one captured my attention for longer. Shades of grey in background really added dimention to work.
    Good job 👏👏👏

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  7. Being creative is always worthy of a smile (since being creative was my smile this week as well 😉 ). I used to paint a lot, but haven’t done much in years. I love the zen zone I achieve when doing visual arts! Anyway, looks great and I’m sure you had a good time. Have fun with it!

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  8. Your painting is awesome! You can money off that too. 10 cents is just the beginning, you’ll earn more.

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