Competition [dating story]

Heart sand

It was a contest like no other.

I met him online, of course, on one of the many dating sites. Match? POF? OKC? I don’t remember. You know what’s funny ~ dating site snobbery. People will go on about how one site is so much “better” than the others, maybe because they paid. When we spend money on a thing, we don’t want to believe we’ve thrown our money away. People swear that eHarmony is superior to POF, but you know what? I encountered the same jerks in both places. And they all had OKC accounts too. Whatever, right? Let’s call this guy Bill.

Bill seemed great in chat. He was “honest” and told me he’d been chatting with a lot of women. Okay. He did have the time ~ he didn’t work and was a part-time SAHD to three toddlers. His ex-wife had to pay him because she made gobs of money. There’s a twist. Soon Bill confessed he’d recently been talking to only me and one other woman, Betty. He said that he really liked me, but he really liked Betty too. She lived in Mexico City though, which made it harder to meet for coffee. I agreed to meet for coffee.

Couple in cafe

We had a nice time over coffee and convo. Bill told me that he thought it would be a neat idea to set up a competition between Betty and me, so he could see which one of us was best for him. Betty had agreed to fly up from Mexico City to stay with Bill for a few days. After the visit, Bill would decide between us. He encouraged me to chat with him while Betty visited, since he enjoyed our texting so much. I do give good text. 🙂

The contest amused and intrigued me. There was Betty, visiting Bill at his place, sleeping with him, no doubt; and here I was trying to be witty and smart to win Bill intellectually. Needless to say, the physical visit beat my words on a screen. Shocking! Bill told me right away that Betty had won the contest because he didn’t want to lead me on.

Halo man

Mark Manson has a rule for a potential romantic relationship ~ if you can’t say “hell yes” to them immediately, and get a “hell yes” immediately in return, then the answer automagically becomes “hell no.” Agreeing to be part of a contest because someone can’t decide between two women would fall into the “hell no” category. When you encounter a mutual “hell yes,” it will be apparent right away. I realize there are exceptions, but it’s a good rule regardless.

Though I’ve quit dating, I was inspired to share this tale for MLM’s writing prompt. Thank you in advance for refraining from giving me advice! Feel free however to discuss your own experience in comments.


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20 responses to “Competition [dating story]

  1. I think becoming a peasant to HRH saved me from having horrible dating stories. After my ex left there were a few guys, but those were more “hook-up” than looking for a relationship. I haven’t had a proper date since I was 19😲

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  2. Cute meet all the way.

    The only one I met online lasted a month, and though it was great for the first three weeks … Let’s just say her story of putting a rock the size of a bowling ball through a guy’s car window made more sense when she got mad at me. I don’t blame her. I was a “narcissist”. Actually I was all into polyamory at the time. She lost her shit when the visit to another woman that she’d known about all along was suddenly the next weekend.

    Everyone else was random. Bike trail. Dance floor. BDSM meetup. Somehow I feel I’m done with all that shit. Especially while they have this plague on but youth has faded regardless. Bah.

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  3. I’d never date a woman from a dating site ~ which is OK because I’m not on a dating site.

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  4. Almost all of the women that I met online were scammers.

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  5. I tried a dating agency once, as did a work colleague.
    Funnily enough, we were sent the details of the same guy ‘Simon’. Either he hedged his best as we were so totally different, or he was the lone available male. LOL

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  6. that should say bets, not best. (duh)

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  7. I don’t think Betty won, either, tbh.

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  8. Wait, wait, wait, hang on a minute, let me get this straight … you can get women COMPETING for you? WTF? Was I absent from class the day they taught this? And now I’m finding out at MY age? Really? I mean… Just… Dammit.

    I sure hope in my next life I can remember to work on some of this junk I missed this time around…

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  9. As one of my former co-workers wisely said, “dating sucks, Man.”
    I’m glad enough not to want anything to do with that mess!
    Bill is certainly full of himself.
    ~cie from poetry of the netherworld~

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  10. “I do give good text. ” – I cracked up reading this!
    Seriously though, you probably got the better deal in the end. This guy Bill does not seem deserving of your good text. 😉

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