6 ball

Some quickies from Rory

1. Are you ready …. interpretation completely down to you …. but are you?

No. I need a good night’s sleep first.

2. If you were to star in a raunchy movie what ‘part’ would you be playing?

The disapproving mom. 😠

3. In your eyes, what do you consider to be a deep thinking question?

Cake or pie?

Dessert first

4. When was the last time you used a juicer?

The day before I went hang gliding. 😜

5. How lost would you be if suddenly all makes of intelligent mobile devices were banned and replaced with regular mobile phones?

Totally lost. I’d have to return to writing out directions on a piece of paper. 😢

6. When was the last time that you were completely and utterly dehydrated and what caused it?

That time I didn’t drink enough water…

Water pitcher grass


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12 responses to “6ix

  1. The last answer made me laugh.

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  2. Without a smartphone, totally lost.

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  3. Aha, well gees l hadn’t figured on that 🙂

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