Moo [SOCS]

Bitmoji milk & cookies

[Written Friday night.]

Milk was the last thing I put in my fridge. I’m not having cookies… but I did nom up some PB cups earlier. Yum! I took out the milk to splash in my tea and then put it back. Black tea with orange spice is my tea of choice at the mo, and I do drink it at night, though I’ll switch to herbal for my last cup of the day, around 10pm. Caffeine does not affect my sleep. In general, I don’t have insomnia ~ but it can take me a while to wind down. Other times, I’m completely sleepy by 11pm. And I will get up early even when I go to bed late. Usually, I’ll sleep solidly once I’m out unless Gatsby starts howling like a maniac. 🐈‍⬛

Not everyone puts milk in tea. I didn’t use to, but then in my 20s plain tea began to make me queasy, especially on an empty tummy. So does coffee. Easy fix: add milk! But there are a lot of choices. I tried to like non-dairy milk, but I failed. (At work, I have Coffee Mate.) In tea, nonfat milk tastes best, but in coffee I like whole milk or even half & half. However, the fattier milks in tea are gross. I compromise with 2%, since I’m not buying 2 different kinds of milk for one person. Two percent is also best on the rare occasions I eat cold cereal.

Cereal milk blueberries

My fridge is pretty empty right now.


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17 responses to “Moo [SOCS]

  1. How was life worth living before there were peanut butter cups?

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  2. I like my tea and coffee with milk too. In fact my SoCS today is about a box of milk.

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  3. I drink almond milk because I can’t drink regular milk. Now I want a cookie…

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  4. From what I’ve heard, cream in tea is a disaster.

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  5. I got lost at peanut butter cups. Nom! 🙂

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  6. Occasionally when my wife would cook certain recipes she would have left over heavy cream, and leave it for me to use up in my coffee. It is so-oooo good I’m sure it must also be ve-eeerrrry bad for me. But it is so-oooo good!

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  7. THAT’s what I missed out on this Halloween. PB cups! Doh!

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