Friday Fourgetting

Friday four

1. Are you a perfectionist or can you take a step back and accept less than perfect?

I am pretty pretty pretty chill. Forex, when I began this post, I pondered the title because I failed to remember what I called previous FF’s. If I’d been numbering them, naturally I would need to give this one a sequential number. I looked up my previous FF’s and saw that I didn’t number them. But why were there only 9? I felt certain I’d done more FF’s than that. I clicked into Rory’s directory and discovered that he used to call them the Daily Four. Aha! I used that as my search term and found 8 more, but they weren’t numbered there either. Okay then.

Wait, what was the question? 🤣

2. How often do you save online articles to your favourites list for reading ‘later’ and more importantly when do you then read them – as in when is your ‘later?’

Pretty much never. I occasionally save a music vid to listen to when I’m in the mood, but that’s rare too. If something doesn’t grab me right away, chances are it never will and I’ll forget about it. That said, I occasionally read something so gorgeous or profound that I save it with the hope its goodness will (by osmosis) seep into my own writing. Still waiting…


3. When was the last time that you actively involved yourself in doing absolutely nothing for an hour and what did you do in that hour of nothing?

Probably played games on my phone. I don’t usually do this for an hour at a clip, but all the ten minute breaks add up. I don’t recall the last time I simply daydreamed for an hour, but it has happened.

4. When was the last time that you were engaged in a difficult conversation and if you can ‘what was it and how did you do?

I try not to engage in them ever. If someone forces me to, I will stay silent or find some small point of agreement to placate them with as I edge toward the door. It’s cowardly, but it’s also practical, since most “difficult conversations” are not attempts to resolve anything, but merely an excuse to criticize someone else. There are exceptions, but this is my general MO. The last time I was forced to engage in such was this summer when someone called to complain about a friend of mine and why wasn’t I doing XYZ about it? Just ugh.

Arguing  couple


Written for Rory’s Friday Four.

©️2020 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted. Please check out Paula’s books for sale on Amazon.

12 responses to “Friday Fourgetting

  1. I save articles to read later all the time, practically every day. My thought was that I’ll get to them all in my retirement. But I can see that’s probably not going to happen!

    Regarding perfectionism, I was reading an interview with Dr Fauci this week, where he used the line, “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good”. I think it was about testing, and it was in response to people saying there is no point to test, because you might test negative today and positive tomorrow.

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  2. Brilliant answers Paula, l especially loved the first one, who would’ve thunk that 🙂

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  3. You, a perfectionist? Not even a little bit.🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Yeah… I try to avoid *those* conversations. I give fair warning that I don’t want to discuss, but if I’m pushed, I’ll give my honest opinions. Don’t ask if you don’t really want to know.🤷🏼‍♀️

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  4. Hi Paula. great answers. I agree with number 4, I hate difficult convos. I dont do well with them. xo

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  6. Being chill about things is great. Difficult conversation are mostly pointless.

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