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A trick in bridge is a good thing… four cards you collect from the players at the table. The object is to get as many tricks as you can in the deal. Often a couple plays bridge with another couple. My parents, for some odd reason, decided this would be a wonderful activity to try together. Except that my mom learned all the rules and took the game very seriously while my dad didn’t really care. They had gigantic screaming arguments…

Fire dragon

They gave up bridge and never tried another shared hobby. My dad’s main joy was books and my mom liked puttering with sewing and gardening and (later on) genealogy. It was hard for them to even agree on a movie or TV show. I always thought this was sad and believed they were a mismatch. My idea was that a couple should have lots of things they could enjoy together.

Yet they were married for 50 years, until my mothers death in 2008. Looking back, I’m so glad they actually got to celebrate their 50th. It was only a few months later that Mom got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She died four months after that, in April, a day after my father’s birthday. 💔

At the end, she said she’d been happy with my dad and he said the same about her. Now, I believe they truly did love each other despite all their differences. I’ve met many men I’ve had bunches in common with, and yet I never found a connection like theirs. Compassion, kindness, and commitment are the tricks to bridge the hard times.



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9 responses to “Bridge [socs]

  1. It definitely takes work from both people to make a relationship work. And one person can mess it up on their own. 50 years is amazing.

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  2. My dad passed away after my parents celebrated their 49th anniversary. My sister, my brother and I were planning on giving them a trip to Hawaii for their 50th anniversary, but they never made it.

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  3. 50 years together. They may have argued and not always seen eye-to-eye, but what long-together couple does not argue or have different likes. But they were bound together by something deep, and that’s what is important.

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  4. This is a sweet tribute to your parents’ marriage.
    My parents also do not have similar tastes, although more with respect to food. Dad loves blueberries; Mom hates them. Mom loves peanut butter, Dad hates it. But when my Mom was pregnant and craved peanut butter, Dad bought it, and Mom makes Dad blueberry pie (and Dad says it is the best blueberry pie he has ever had).
    At the end of the day, true love and commitment come from a deeper bond, not necessarily around having tastes, hobbies, interests in common.

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