Happy Halloween Eve

Clipped the “on this day” collage from my phone. Stay safe, bloggy friends! 🎃👻🦇

Halloween college



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3 responses to “Happy Halloween Eve

  1. As it says, my thoughts:
    October, 1959: Archie’s dad planned and carried out, with military precision, our Halloween “car-enhanced” route(s), and we did indeed have candy right up to the following Oct. 30th. What a weird memory.
    While motorcycle shopping:
    Salesman at the Harley-Davidson dealership: This is the real deal.
    Salesman at the Suzuki dealership: Those Harley-Davidson boys think every day is Halloween.
    We had a black cat who, one Halloween evening, decided to sit next to the pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern on the porch, because my wife had placed a real, lit candle inside it, and so it must have been a slight source of warmth for kitty. The kids loved it, one kid stating that our cat was “awesome.”

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