5 Cheeses

Five kittens

Dr. Tanya continues her #5Things prompt series with our favorite cheeses.

1. Brie is far and away my fave. So delicate and delicious. 😋 It’s the most versatile cheese too. You can nom it with crackers and grapes, melt a blob of it on a burger, or just nibble a tasty chunk.


2. Mozzarella! The pizza cheese obviously and it’s also necessary for lasagna. Great melted on eggplant too as well as on any roasted veg. Kids like to munch sticks of it, and so do I. But pizza is the main event here.


3. American. Best cheese for burgers and grilled sandwiches imo, though cheddar can work too.

Grilled cheese

4. Shredded Monterey jack and cheddar mix. This is the go-to cheese to melt over nachos and tuck into tortillas for a quick nuke in the microwave.

Bitmoji nachos

5. Cream cheese! A must-have spread for one of my favorite treats: lox on a bagel. It’s also perfect for tea sandwiches on white bread with cucumber slices. Mmm…

Lox on bagel

And there you have it. Say cheese!


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11 responses to “5 Cheeses

  1. This was a nice post to read before I have my lunch.

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  2. All are super delicious 😋

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  3. Omg, what an awesome post. It made me super hungry though. Last night we made nachos with cheese and it was a joy. Agree with brie as number one! Now let me get a grilled cheese sandwich…

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  4. Great. Now I’m salivating.

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  5. Like you said, cheese is great to nibble on its own too.


  6. Great. Now I’m hungry. 🍕

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