HallChall19: Movie


Last night I watched a funny “documentary” about a vampire roommate situation called What We Do in the Shadows. It wasn’t scary, just hysterical. Apparently there is also a series with the same name. A more “serious” vampire movie I enjoyed decades ago was Dracula, starring Frank Langella. He’s such a good actor. There’s a spoofy film I rewatched several times as a teenager ~ Love at First Bite, starring George Hamilton and Susan Saint James. It cracked me up back then, but idk if it stands the time test. Note: I haven’t watched or read any Twilight material. 🧛‍♂️

My favorite vampire/horror movie is Dark Shadows, which stars Johnny Depp. It has a stellar cast, is super funny, and is also very sexy. It’s basically a lurve story. Another fave scary movie is The Skeleton Key, starring Kate Hudson. Love her! The Others, starring Nicole Kidman, is great too. These are more psychological horrors than gore, but they are still gripping. Maybe more so! 😬

Scarier still are the psychological dramas that simply feature people doing horrible things to others because that can actually happen. And it has…


Written for Tourmaline’s Challenge

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4 responses to “HallChall19: Movie

  1. When I was in High School the original Dark Shadows was on TV and it was more like a soap opera, but I watched it along with a lot of my friends.

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  2. The Others is a trippy movie!
    I figured it out when the husband came. Still… a good movie!
    My favorite vampires are Anne Rice vampires. The books, not so much the movies… but Brad Pitt & Tom Cruise… yum!💕

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