HallChall15: Creature


Back when the Daily Prompt was still a thing, I wrote about Creature Feature in February 2018… [edited]

I have a clear memory of watching Creature Features with my mom in the basement of our townhouse in Illinois, which she had turned into a rec room with a ping-pong table, TV, stereo, etc. It was Illinois, if you missed that in the preceding sentence, 40 miles north of Lake Michigan, where it got so cold that if you dropped a record on the floor it would shatter like a dinner plate. (This actually happened.)

I’ve always said I remember putting giant jigsaw puzzles together with my mom while we watched scary movies, but I was trying to call up a specific memory of this scene and it’s not working. The only table we had in the basement large enough for a 1000-2000 piece puzzle was on the side of the room that didn’t have the TV. The stairs were in the middle. Right in front of the stairs was a little storage type room my dad used as a darkroom for photography. On the right side was a TV, sofa, coffee table, etc. On the left side was an old dining room table, another sofa, and the stereo system. We would have had to use the old table for the puzzles. So how would we have been watching Creature Features at the same time?

Scary creature

In any case, two Creature Feature eps that stayed with me all these years I have titled “Coconut Sea Monster” and “Alpine Beheader.” The first was about some guys on a military submarine who kept getting brutally murdered cuz one of them had morphed into a monster due to radiation exposure. We didn’t see the murderer until the end and he looked like he was covered in coconut. It was really freaky! The otter one was about peeps trapped in a ski resort during a blizzard and some snow vampire kept grabbing one at a time and ripping off their head. Icky!

You know, this could very well be why I dislike both sailing and skiing. A-ha! Still love coconut though.

Coconut cake


Written for Tourmaline’s Challenge.

©️2020 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted. Please check out Paula’s books for sale on Amazon.

8 responses to “HallChall15: Creature

  1. I would be scared of skiing and sailing too if that were the case. But I’m glad you still love coconut 😍

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  2. Nice looking coconut cake 👅

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  3. Sounds like my Uncle Del’s basement, where we young’uns were banished to late-night fright-fests while the oldies drank themselves silly upstairs.

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  4. No basements in SoCal. Sometimes someone had a pool table in the garage.

    Weird how we moosh memories up and they become so real. I have a few impossible memories like that from childhood too.💕

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