HallChall14: Horror

scary woman wings

I’ve never been a huge fan of horror. Of course there are some exceptions ~ I love Stephen King’s writing, of course. I liked a few books by Dean Koontz. After that, the list sputters to a halt. As far as films, I generally pass. The only one I truly enjoyed was The Shining, based upon King’s book. Other King novels have been made into movies, but… meh. His writing focuses quite a bit on the characters’ thoughts and feelings, bringing the reader’s sense of unease to a slow boil, but horror movies are more about making you gasp in fright from the shock value of gore and/or surprise. The music keeps you edgy for something to jump out… and I find that stressful and ultimately annoying. I watch a movie to relax, not to get an adrenalin rush.


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10 responses to “HallChall14: Horror

  1. No thank you to all things horror

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  2. Good horror is not horrible. I actually hate King’s writing, and most films, but, like you, did like the The Shining alot. There are some very good horror films, old ones like Dracula and Frankenstein, newer ones like Hellraiser and Nightmare on Elm Street.

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  3. I don’t see The Shining as horror, but I guess it is, because we’re supposed to be horrified. I like a good psychological thriller, which can arise from an element of either the supernatural or some kind of psychopathy, but when they play down the psychological and play up the violence, I’m done.

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  4. King’s shorter stories make better movies. Secret Garden was good, 1408 was pretty good too.
    I’m not a fan of gore either, or stuff popping out to startle. Older loves that stuff. She watches every horror movie available. She was born in a Friday 13th🤔 coincidence???


  5. Same here! I hate horror movies and wont watch them! To scary for me! And way too triggery, brings on my PTSD!

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