5 Breads

Five kittens

Dr. Tanya continues her #5Things series with our favorite breads. Here are mine.

1. Rye bread, specifically sourdough rye. This makes the tastiest sandwiches and also grilled cheeses. 💕

2. My daughter’s challah. So delicious alone and great with a smear of peanut butter too.

3. There’s a seafood restaurant in Newport Beach (or was, pre-plague) that offered the nommiest cheesy bread appetizer. I could make a meal of this plus salad! Loved that place. 🐠

Sliced bread

4. Fresh warm homemade bread straight out of the oven with some butter! 😋

5. These guys…


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9 responses to “5 Breads

  1. Yeah… that last bread is pretty good, but #4 is my fave!

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  2. Yummy yummy love bread of all kinds!

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  3. Love number 4 too. Though to get it, you’ve too make it first.

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  4. I like all the breads!

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