…a happy medium is supposed to be a good thing (but make sure she doesn’t sic an evil spirit on you).

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I’ve also read that striking a mildly unhappy compromise is better than one person getting their own way and the other being miserable even if the idea is that next time you switch (yeah right). Mostly I give in or give up and walk away. I don’t like to argue and I don’t like trolling. People used to troll me over being vegetarian/vegan, not that I ever was, at least not for any appreciable length of time. Back when I ate steak, I’d get mine medium rare. It’s not that I have a rule about not eating steak these days, but steak eating simply doesn’t happen. I don’t want to cook one and I no longer go to restaurants. So, by default, no steak. I think I’m better off eating very little meat anyway.

Generally, I wear a size small but sometimes a medium for certain items. I don’t like tight clothing. Plus, if I’m ordering a sweater, I want it roomy enough to wear a tee shirt underneath. Yes, even in SoCal ~ it can get into the 40s sometimes. Brrrr! My shoes are “B,” which is medium/average, though sometimes they’re a bit loose. Yet, I need room for socks because brrrr. I almost always wear socks to work because it’s cold in offices.

bitmoji cold

Medium is a website that contains fiction, essays, etc. I subscribed for a month or so and then quit. The problem was if I “liked” something, they’d only show me more things like that. But the whole point of being there was to “like” articles (by sending applause). I tried changing my interests, but no. They decided I could only see relationship related articles. Ugh! One of my friends writes for them and encourages me to try too. But I have enough going on without wasting time plopping my writing into more venues where it won’t make money. Pffft! 😜


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18 responses to “Striking…

  1. Good for You Paula 💞

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  2. Medium is the best. Can’t go wrong with that.

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  3. So you weren’t thrilled with Medium, huh? I just downloaded the app yesterday, so I need to explore it some more to see if it’s a viable alternative to WordPress. Damn this block editor bullshit.

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    • Well, to be fair, I was looking at it only from the angle of making money, either directly by writing clever things or indirectly by people clicking through to my books. But blogging is a whole different kettle of monkeys!

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  4. Paula, I agree with your thoughts on compromise. It’s not about who wins or if we get our way, but coming to a mutual agreement. Something that’s difficult in practice these days.

    I can’t help but giggling over your 40 degree Brrrr’s. Living in WI, that’s a high temperature we look forward to in March. In between, well, you would not be happy with our winters. Sometimes I’m not happy about our winters! :-p

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  5. I tried medium when Teresa was writing there. It wasn’t easy to navigate and then they wanted me to pay to read.

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  6. You are just a medium person! ;D And thanks for that info about Medium. Second one I read today.

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  7. Very well done… not medium at all😉💕

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  8. “I’ve also read that striking a mildly unhappy compromise is better than one person getting their own way and the other being miserable even if the idea is that next time you switch (yeah right).”

    Hardly ever, actually. I’m more a “Black Swan” style of compromiser, best put forth in their book “Never Split The Difference”. Usually what actually happens is the old story about the wife who wants him to wear brown shoes and the husband who wants to wear black. She insists, so he compromises. He wears one black and one brown. Now who’s happy? No one, that’s who. In fact, they were both more unhappy than if one or the other had just gotten their way. The lesson is that no deal is almost always better than a bad deal, and “splitting the difference” or playing to some sense of “fairness” is almost always a bad deal.

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  9. I’m not medium. I’m average. The most popular shoe size? That’s mine. The most popular sweater size? Mine, too. Meaning, I can’t count on finding my size at a sale. But that’s a small (or is it average?) problem.

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  10. I’ve never tried medium! I dont think I will either. I dont write good enough to get payed. Lol. 😉❤❤

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